Manipulating the hyper-commercialised American Te

Manipulating the hyper-commercialised American Texas narrative

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The main issue with this advert: using a woman’s body to sell something totally unrelated. Objectification.

  1. Objectification:
    1. Doesn’t say anything
    2. Wearing a silly bikini
    3. 1st shot: face covered
    4. The only close up in when she is eating the burger
      1. Women’s value is no more than the burger - an item to consume
    5. Crawling: degrading
    6. Cleaning - classic disempowered stereotype
    7. Women’s bodies look plasticy - oiled up & shiny
    8. Paris as accessory
  2. Manipulating the hyper-commercialised American Texas narrative
    1. Big truck - represents the average American trucker
    2. Dirty car - connects with the meaty burger
    3. Overt sexual references: oral imagery
      1. Thick burger
    4. Commercialisation of sex
      1. Slick black Bentley
      2. Her writhing on top of it
  3. False connection between burger & body
    1. Appeal to appetite: both food & sexual
    2. Skinny women & fatty burger
    3. American obesity crisis: irresponsible glamourisation of lack of self-control 
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