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Assignment Learning Outcomes

1. Utilise and apply advanced design and project management methods and software tools to effectively develop and manage building projects

2. Synthesize and apply value management methods to new and retrofit sustainable building projects

3. Analyse, synthesise and apply sustainability assessment methods and knowledge of sustainable building strategies and technologies to evaluate the sustainability performance of buildings

You have now completed the design and construction of the Green Square Library. You are required to submit a professionally presented report of approximately 6000 words, well supported by background research and analysis of all key concepts that drive success or failure in sustainable building projects. Each student should demonstrate how the quality of construction was controlled by expressing the project objective and documenting progress towards the standards. Each student is required to consolidate all previous submissions during the course and submit a complete description of the design and delivery of the project. The construction processes and construction management methods towards achieving the LEED “platinum” should be explained. Students need to cross reference sections where applicable and demonstrate how you are going to obtain LEED points in each category.  Documentation of construction systems used and issues surrounding construction need to be discussed. Particular attention need to be given to the documentation of Sustainable Sites and Materials and Resources. The report should cover the following:

  • A description of LEED credits in each category and their documentation
  • Major components of the building systems and the method of their construction (Building sub‐structure, structural systems and superstructure, envelope, services, finishes, Interior and fit out)
  • Meeting the Indoor Environmental Quality requirements, particularly acoustics performance of the library.
  • Detailed cost (cash flow , payment stages etc., understanding of operation and maintenance cost)
  • Detailed timeline and project activity schedule
  • Project management practices and staff resources deployed in the site
  • Site establishment and managing thework placeduring construction.
  • Reducing the ecological footprint of construction operations (Soil, excavation, erosion and sediment control, construction and demolition waste management, airborne dust control, indoor air quality management during construction,  
  •  Worker health and safety, subcontractor training
  • Building Commissioning (How do you incentivize “greener” tenant / occupant behaviour? What lease language could be developed to specifically address these concerns?)
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