L`Occitane Marketing Communication and Performance

L`Occitane Marketing Communication and Performance

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Report : Analysis of Marketing Communications Strategy, Marketing Performance Analysis and Marketing Plan

Marketing Communications Strategy

You are required to conduct an analysis L’Occitane marketing communications strategy. Your analysis should examine the range of marketing communications tools and media used by the organisation.

Marketing Performance Analysis

You are then required to (a) conduct an evaluation of the ways in which L’Ocitane company measures its marketing performance and (b) recommend additional ways in which its marketing performance should be measured. Your analysis should make clear which marketing metrics are being and should be used by the organisation.

Marketing Plan

For the final part of this task, you are required to develop the marketing strategy and an outline marketing plan for L’Occitane in the next 12 months. The outline plan should comprise a statement of the target market and positioning, the objectives, a summary of any changes to be made to operational marketing and your chosen measures to evaluate performance. 

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