LO3: Critically appraise business interactions wit

LO3: Critically appraise business interactions with the environment using a wide range of relevant sources of data

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Assignment Task

This Individual Report carries 60% of the overall mark for this unit. For this assignment, students will be evaluating the approach of a chosen organisation in relation to TWO of the Term Two Responsible Enterprise topics. The chosen organisation can be a ‘for profit’ business or a social enterprise. You should satisfy yourself that there is enough information published about the chosen organisation in the public domain to enable you to successfully complete your assignment. You are strongly encouraged to seek the approval of your tutor for your choice of both organisation AND topics prior to starting work on your assignment.

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed.


State what Unit learning outcomes are being covered by the assessment


LO3: Critically appraise business interactions with the environment using a wide range of relevant sources of data.

L04: Evaluate the sustainability performance & actions of organisations through the application of appropriate academic concepts, models & frameworks.


Early Career/ World Class Professional Skills (PLOs being assessed or developed)/assessed).


Programme learning outcomes are referred to as professional skills for clarity for students, they will build portfolio of skills from level 4 through to L6 as will L7 & L8 students from the start of their programmes.  For all levels refer to the Professional skills being develop or assessed in the assignment brief.  These should also feature in the assignment feedback to the student


PLO2 Communication


2.1 Appropriate referencing

Appropriate use of language

Produce well-structured work


PLO3 Ethical & sustainable awareness


3.1 Identify ethical & sustainable issues

Relate ethical & sustainability issues to stakeholders


3.2 Analyse ethical & sustainability options

Propose & justify ethical & sustainability options


PLO4 Professional & commercial awareness


4.2 Critically discuss the global context

Identify & explain global context



Assignment Details & Instructions.


Students are required to write a report that includes the following aspects:


1. Introduction: Briefly outline the purpose & structure of the report & provide a brief profile of your chosen organisation. (200 words)


2 Contextual information

i) Identify the key sustainability challenges for your organisation, as identified by the organisation itself.

ii) With brief reference to appropriate academic theories, summarise your chosen organisation’s strategy to address these challenges.

iii) With brief reference to appropriate academic or expert sources, outline how your chosen organisation measures & evaluates its impact on the environment &/or society (700 words)


3 Evaluate the organisation’s approach to 2 of the following topics:

-       Sustainable supply chain management

-       Sustainable products &/or managing waste

-       Codes of practice & other responses to ethical issues

-       Alterative business models


This section should relate to & build on the lecture/tutorial content. You should draw on relevant academic sources & apply relevant academic theory, models & frameworks to your organisation. You can quote directly or reword – in both cases make sure you reference appropriately. This section should also benchmark your chosen organisation against other organisations that operate within the same sector. (650 words x 2)


4. Conclusion: Synthesise your findings & evaluations in order to conclude on how responsible your chosen organisation is. (300 words)




Related tutorials will provide a useful starting point.  However, the assignment should be based primarily on your OWN individual research, not just lecture & tutorial material. Throughout your report you MUST draw on appropriate academic concepts, models & the general academic literature in this subject area (see further guidelines below).


Submit one report with a word limit of 2,500 words (+ or – 10%), point 12 font, single-spaced.  Specify the word count at the end of the report. Diagrams do not add to the word count & should be included within the body of the report rather than in an appendix. You are required to submit your report electronically via the Turnitin Assignments link on the unit Moodle page.




Individual Report brief – further guidelines

Whilst the format requested is business report style, the assignment should be strongly academic in content drawing on theoretical concepts & models.  In other words, appropriately referenced content is expected, drawn from academic journal articles, textbooks, specialist reports, industry standards, government data etc.  Remember to make use of the relevant lecture & tutorial material from Term 2.  Be analytical NOT DESCRIPTIVE in your approach. The report should be well-structured & use appropriate academic language. The report should contain a balance of theory & concepts, factual evidence from independent, expert secondary sources, & reasoned argument. Harvard referencing style must be adopted i.e. all references must be cited appropriately within the text, with a full alphabetical list of sources included at the end of your assignment.



See the Moodle unit page for further details on resources (lecture & tutorial slides, reading list, plagiarism & referencing guidelines, report writing guidelines etc.).

Group Work Guidelines (If applicable)


Unit Specification

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