LO1: Assess the constructional features and applic

LO1: Assess the constructional features and applications of transformers

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Assignment Brief

Unit Learning Outcomes

LO1: Assess the constructional features and applications of transformers.

LO2: Analyse the starting methods and applications of three-phase induction motors and synchronous machines.

LO3: Investigate the types of generator available in industry by assessing their practical applications.

LO4: Analyse the operating characteristics of electromagnetic transducers and actuators.

Scenario: As a trainee you are asked by your company to solve the following tasks related to the construction and design of electrical machines. Throughout the term you have studied all theory about construction and design of different electrical machines. You have to carry out these task with the deadline mentioned in this assignment. Your promotion in the company will depend on how well you solved the tasks and the way you presented and reported the results. Your report must include excellent solutions and professional presentations. All the tasks must be handed in one report within the specified deadlines.


P1 & M1 & D1

Task 1

a. Describe the main core types of transformers and how they operate

Task 2

a- What are the main applications of transformers

b- A 20kVA 2200/220 Volts, 60Hz, single phase transformer is found to have the following equivalent circuit parameter referred to the high potential side. R1 = 2.51Ω R2 `= 3.11Ω X L1 =10.9Ω X L2 `=10.9Ω X m `= 25,100Ω The transformer is used to supply a 15kVA load at 220V & power factor (lagging) of 0.85. Determine the required potential difference at the high potential side of the transformer. Don’t forget to draw the complete phase diagram for the given operating condition. (Take V 2 as the reference phase.

Task 3

a- Discuss the main connections of three-phase transformers

b- A 20KVA, 2000/200V, 50Hz transformer is operated at no load on rated voltage, the input being 150W at .012 power factor (lag). When it is operating at rated load, the voltage drops in the total leakage reactance and the total resistance are, respectively 2& 1 percent of the rated voltage. Determine the input power and power factor when the transformer delivers 10kW at 200V at 0.8Pf (lag) to a load in the LV side. M1 Illustrate the operation of the transformer, considering the equivalent circuit. D1 Assess the efficiency of a number of available transformers and make a recommendation for an actual operational requirement

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