Literature Review- The Importance of Physical Act

Literature Review- The Importance of Physical Activity During Infancy

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Topic: Literature Review- The Importance of Physical Activity During Infancy
Format of a Literature Review

1) Introducing and focusing the study. From your reading, experience, discussion with community partners and understanding of local issues, controversies or concerns in the EARLY YEARS COMMUNITY, formulate a research problem that can be better understood or addressed through a small-scale research study. A problem might be the need for more knowledge on a topic or issue, or a problem to be solved within a setting or agency.

The research problem is- “the need for more knowledge on the topic of the benefits of physical activity in infancy (0-17 months)”.

Ensure you address each of the following elements in the opening one or two paragraphs.
1) Broad area or topic
2) A specific research question/problem
3) Brief summary of what is currently known about the topic (from recent scholarly literature)
4) What is not known in our current understanding of the topic
5) The audience(s) that will benefit from a study of the problem/questions
– this study will benefit parents/guardians and early child care (daycare) workers
6) The purpose statement (a statement that identifies what you hope this study will accomplish and find out.
– I hope this study confirms the benefits of physical activity in infancy by addressing and shedding light on the different areas of development it helps
2) Summary and synthesis of the literature. A literature review for a research study differs from reviews for other purposes, such as opinion papers or research papers. In this context the purpose of a literature review is to focus and introduce the research topic and problem, and to provide the reader with a literature review that summarizes and synthesizes (connects) what is known to date. No personal opinions, judgments or recommendations are included in a literature review. It is necessary to identify several key ideas, themes or topics and address each theme in your literature review, comparing and contrasting the findings from the literature you have gathered. (Avoid simply listing each study in turn and summarizing it.)

The literature will include 18 sources that include peer-reviewed journals, academic texts, documents and electronic sources that relate to the research topic including prior research, relevant theoretical perspectives, and documents e.g. policy of government or other agencies.

3) Final summary and connection to study. In a final paragraph provide a brief summary and overview of what you have covered in the review regarding what know so far, what we don’t know and how your study will contribute to the topic/problem. Finish the paragraph by reiterating the research question/problem.

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