Letter To Swimmers

Letter To Swimmers

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Write a letter to members of a group—implied or acknowledged—to which you belong. You might write this letter to, say, fellow members of your swim team, fellow riders of the Metro. Perhaps you are someone who has always been called bossy, has particularly anxious parents, has lost a parent at a very young age, or is a member of a particular Miami neighborhood. Perhaps you speak with a particular accent, or find yourself caught between two versions of the same language. Think about what involuntary club you are a member of, simply by virtue of how others define you, and write a letter about it in a colloquial voice.

Miami Beach Centre

799 E Dragon Heights Suite 56b

Trackman Miami FL 8586


Dear Miami Swimmers

Sup people? How are you doing? I hope you ‘aight. I bet you still swimming well. Heard you guys are becoming formal. I know its long since I have been with you guys, but I would like to clear the air on some of the complaints I have received from some of the members.

I have been told that am not respecting the code of standards in the swimming club and that I have offended some members with my so-called bossy attitude. I also have heard complaints that I do not participate as the group expects me to, yet I would like to be in the contests when the competitions turn up.

Well, first of let me say I understand it is demeaning to new members and other participants in the group. I feel I have been letting down the group and that is why am writing this letter to you requesting that you at least consider to have me back in the group and that I will be respectful of other peoples opinion.

For the past couple of day I have had to swamp my days with caring for my sick relative and factoring into my anxious parents. They feel I need to be at home assisting them take care of the sick relative. I know my life should also continue, but with my position am at a dilemma on what I need to consider most significant.

Having spoken with my parents and explained to them that I also need to be practicing they have agreed to have me practice at specific times of the week. It now up to you guys to consider my request. I would be glad to be part of the team and I would be glad if you made this consideration.

Waiting to hear from you soon

Team Swimmers


P.S. Take it easy guys, swimming should be fun

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