Leadership and Operations Management Concepts

Leadership and Operations Management Concepts

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Leadership and Operations Management Concepts 

The aim of this assignment

The aim of this unit is to help students understand the difference between the function of a manager and the role of a leader.

Students will consider the characteristics, behaviours and traits, which support effective management and leadership. In addition, this unit will introduce the concept of operations as both a function and a process, which all organisations must adopt to conduct business. Students will be introduced to contemporary and historical theories and concepts, which will support their learning for this unit. On successful completion of this unit students will have developed sufficient knowledge and understanding of how management and operations make a positive, efficient and effective contribution to an organisation at a junior level. This could be in the role of a team leader or managing a specific aspect of an operation function and/or process. Underpinning all aspects of the content for this unit you will consider topics under two broad headings: management and operations.

By the end of this unit students will be able to:

LO1. Differentiate between the role of a leader and the function of a manager.

LO2. Apply the role of a leader and the function of manager in given contexts.


ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENT: LO1 & LO2 (Task 1) – Report format (P1, P2 and P3)

The submission is in the form of an individual written report. This should be written in a concise, formal business style using single spacing and font size 12. You are required to make use of headings, paragraphs and subsections as appropriate, and all work must be supported with research and referenced using the Harvard referencing system. Please also provide a bibliography using the Harvard referencing system. The recommended word limit is 2,000–2,500 words, although you will not be penalised for exceeding the total word limit.

You will need to produce a report for the senior leadership team that includes the following:

1. An introduction to the organisation and management structure.

2. Definition and roles of both managers and leaders, highlighting the differences between management and leadership.

3. The different roles of management and leadership in application to different organisational situations, supported by theories and concepts.

4. How theories such as ‘chaos theory’ and ‘management by objectives’ apply to the organisation and how these have supported growth and sustainable performance.

5. Conclusions on how managers and leaders have made an impact on the organisation and recommendations for future improvements. 

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