Law of trust - Law Case Study

Law of trust - Law Case Study

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Only a week into his trip of a lifetime he was bitten by a poisonous spider and tragically died. In his will he leaves his entire estate to his two children X and Y. The group email reads as follows:- Dear All, I am just writing this email to confirm the arrangements we agreed. I am leaving on my travels around the world tomorrow.

Abel: I have placed the sum of £200,000 in the designated Buckinghamshire Bank Account in your name, for you to dispose as you think appropriate between my friends of which you are one and if any is remaining upon your death equally between Marge and Raz. Zac: You will shortly receive through the post 500 premium bonds. You are to keep 75% of them and hold the rest on trust for Xavier until he reaches 18.

Orla and Esme: I have placed £2 million in an account set up in your joint names to hold upon trust for such of the teachers and ex-teachers of Scarborough Hall School or to the family or relatives of any such persons as you may in your absolute discretion select. Myra: The 10,000 I gave you is to be shared equally between my nieces that complete their adult education within the next five years. Abel has since died having only distributed £100,000 of the fund. Critically discuss the validity of these gifts.


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