Landsape on Creative Curriculum, High Scope and Mo

Landsape on Creative Curriculum, High Scope and Montontessori Curriculum

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Landsape on Creative Curriculum, High Scope and Montontessori Curriculum


write a landscape graph on the different and simple, compare and contrast. . of high scope curriculum, creative curriculum and high scope. 12. point folic type , type up observe of all three curriculum. double space.


Education Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: Introduction Childhood education is a multifaceted system that encompasses the utilization of some methods aimed at ensuring proper education and upbringing for children. It is usually dependent on the age of the children as well as the nature of education applied. As a result, there are some teaching philosophies that have altogether come to build the body of early childhood education. Some of these include Montessori, Creative, and High Scope curriculums. This paper will offer a comparison between these teaching philosophies. Creative Curriculum Over two decades, education strategies have centered on the belief that the best way to improve a child’s education is through effective teaching. Experts have invented methods like research proven -curriculum sources to support their theory on early childhood education. Early childhood education (ECE) is a branch of education which goes hand in hand with tutoring infants or young children in their first steps to primary education. Children who experience or undergo early childhood education are up to the age of 8.Early childhood education can be taught or disseminated as formally as any other, just like the normal literacy programs where one goes to school to learn how to get hold of a pen and paper and writes. It can also be placed or be taught in an informal manner where the infant at this stage gets his or her virtues from homeschooling, follow...

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