JSD (Jackson System Development)

JSD (Jackson System Development)

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JSD ( Jackson System Development )

Students should explore this methodology and give an overview of the area, including any key authors

Each presentation should have:

  1. A title page with the name of assignment and group members
  2. 26 slides
  3. An Introduction
  4. concept ( and some definition )
  5. history
  6. theories, including some of the key authors in this field
  7. Classification
  8. Historical development
  9. A middle section (explanation of what the question asks)
  10. Techniques Structure
  11. Models
  12. put some diagrams which related to topic
  13. put some examples
  14. Benefits
  15. Risks and cons
  16. A conclusion
  17. A bibliography ( at least 20 References )
  18. you have to mention all these points as well as you can add some information which related of this topic (JSD) after you covered all these points that mentioned.
  19. use Britain Language   
  20. please make sure without plagiarism
  21. don`t us turnitin to check the plagiarism because  I`m going to use turnitin to submit my work to my university  

please make that of power point and make the design is nice and clear and professional.   

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