Investment Opportunities in E-Sports for Norling P

Investment Opportunities in E-Sports for Norling PLC

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Task A: Report, 1000 words
Having delivered your presentation to Norling PLC, your Human Resources department have asked you to write a report that details your findings.
The report should have the title: 
Investment Opportunities in E-Sports for Norling PLC
The report must follow a standard business report format, be professionally presented and include the following sections:
• Cover Page
• Executive Summary (approx. 50 words)
• Table of Contents
• Introduction (approx.50 words)
• Findings and Analysis (approx. 200 words)
• Conclusion (approx. 100-words)
• Reference List/Bibliography
• Appendices (only if required, this section is optional)
Key areas to cover in the Findings/Analysis section are:
 What are E-Sports?
 What is the international picture of the industry like?
 What are the money making opportunities like in relation to the creation of an E-Sports team?
 What are the potential costs involved in creating a team?
 What are the potential risks of investing in this type of opportunity?
 Do you advise on investing in the creation of a team? If so, you will need to give details of the type of team that should be created and reasons why. If not, then you must give a valid explanation of your reasoning.
Your appendices should include:
• Any charts or statistical data that you wish to include. Use a screen shot or the Snipping Tool to incorporate this into your work if you use Excel or similar.
• Potential start-up calculations shown on a spreadsheet. Use a screen shot or the Snipping Tool to incorporate this into your work.

Task B: Presentation Reflection, 500 words
The HR Manager at Norling PLC has asked you to discuss the challenges faced in working together with other team members on building a presentation.
Write a brief 500 word report for the HR Manager under the following headings:
1. Division of Labour
2. Team Working Skills
3. Organisation
4. Delivery
In each section, describe the processes used and detail the difficulties or challenges that you feel that you faced in completing the project.

Task C: Critical Essay, 1000 words
Using a standard essay format, write an essay on the following topic:
“Violence sells, but at what cost? Discuss whether violence in video games can be 
shown to have an adverse effect on users.”

• You must conduct suitable research using the reading list that your tutor will provide you with. The reading list will be available on the MyARUL site.
• You must explain various arguments presented and analyse them using critical thinking skills practiced in the module
• You must use Harvard referencing and provide a Bibliography listing the sources you have used
• As this is an essay you should not use any subheadings

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