Investigation on Internet of Things challenges.

Investigation on Internet of Things challenges.

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Investigation on Internet of Things challenges.


The vast expansion of the internet of things technologies raise undeniable concerns about the security and privacy aspects.  Implementing internet of things may lead to exposing private or sensitive information in an undesirable direction which can lead to harmful consequences on individuals, communities, and firms. We investigated various solutions with detailed analysis to determine which are best and most efficient to overcome the previously mentioned issues. Lastly, we list recommendations based on our findings to the leading companies in the Internet of things industry.

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Literature review

Security challenges of IoT   

Privacy challenges of IoT




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The Internet of Things is constantly gaining popularity among individuals, communities and firms through the rise of utility applications that are used in real world functions. Information technology analysts predict that there will be approximately 26 billion IoT devices by the year 2020. These devices include tablets, PCs and smartphones.  This is approximately a 30 fold increase since the year 2009. The growth of IoT device establishments has been relentless. In 2013, global number of IoT devices hit one billion for the first time and exponential growth is expected in the years to come.  The high growth in IoT comes in handy with a set of challenges, the major being security problems There have been several witnessed cases of IoT security issues, most of which involve privacy threats. An internet audit report released by Europol a European crime firm indicates that IoT brings about new internet threats to security. These threats exist in infrastructural control systems as well as in the consumer applications. The report predicts more security challenges especially in the emerging IoT technologies. Expected

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