Introduction to Environmental Sciences

Introduction to Environmental Sciences

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Introduction to Environmental Sciences


Sample Exam



Part I (take-home, to be answered individually) 50% [there will be ~ 5 questions on each Midterm]


1.) UMassBoston

A fluke earthquake levels UMassBoston to rubble.  The Board of Trustees decide that rather than rebuild the University, it is to be relocated. 

a.) Plot the population of mice and cats over time from 0-100 years at the destroyed site.  Be sure to label your axes.  (8 points)

b.) Explain the trends in your graphs. (5 points)

c.) What factors control the carrying capacity of this site? (7 points)


Part II (in-class, to be answered as a group) 30% [there will be ~ 5 questions on each Midterm]

2.) UMassBoston Follow-Up

The populations of cats and mice at the destroyed UMassBoston site is a health hazard.

a.) How can cats and mice be considered a potential health hazard?

b.) Describe 2 solutions to limiting the populations of both cats and mice.  Which is more likely to be successful and why?


Part III (In class, to be answered individually) 20%

Section 1:  True or False  (1 point each) [~5 questions]

1.)  ________  More than 60% of the earth`s surface is covered by water.

2.)  ________  The earth is 15 to 20 billion years old


Section 2: Multiple Choice--Choose the best one answer (2 points each) [~5 questions]

3.)  There are no rocks older than 3.7 billion years because:


a.) they all subducted

b.) the earth is only 3.7 billion years old

c.) rocks weren`t preserved before there was oxygen in the atmosphere

d.) impactors on the early earth destroyed the earth`s crust

e.) they have all since eroded away



Section 3--Multiple, Multiple Choice: Choose ALL the answers which apply to the following questions.  More than one answer may be correct. (30 points total) [~3-5 questions]

4.) The following are true about killer whales:


a.) their black and white coloration is a form of camouflage

b.) they are the largest fish in the ocean

c.) they use echolocation

d.) they are top predators in the ocean

e.) they are mysticetes


Section 4: Short Answer [1 or 2 questions]

5.)  Define life.  How could we determine whether or not there was life on Mars?   (3 points)

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