Integrative assignment. Ethical considerations PSY

Integrative assignment. Ethical considerations PSYC37

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Integrative assignment. Ethical considerations PSYC37


Book needed to refer to: Saccuzzo, D. P., & Kaplan, R. M. (2012). Psychological testing: Principles, applications, and issues (8th ed.). Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning. Please answer all the questions accordingly and please follow instructions. I am not sure how many pages is needed. If writer feels like they are going over more than 3 pages, please notify me and I will pay for the extra pages. Just please make sure to follow instruction on the attachment By the way, this class is called "Psychological Assessment" So please make sure to use psychological/mental health terms.


Integrative assignmentName:Course:Instructor:Date: Ethical considerations One of the ethical considerations is informed consent, given that Sue is not enthusiastic about psychological testing. Another related consideration is release of test data on the scaled scores. Informed consent forms the basis of conducting the tests, as this will extend to explanations on confidentiality, and gives the psychologist the go ahead after explanation on what the assessment entails. Release of test data will take into account scaled scores following responses from Sue. This will extend to protection of information in case that data may cause harm or misrepresentation of information. Unless required by law the information will not be released to third parties without Sue’s consent, as this is a breach of trust.Rationale for conducting psychological testing The main reason for conducting tests using both WAIS-IV and MMPI-2 is to find out the underlying cause for Sue’s lack of concentration. Sue is doing badly in most of her course work, and it is necessary to carry out assessment to fi...
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