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The key concern for the organisations in the contemporary technological, as well as international market, is in the integration of their marketing and communication mix approaches to augment their processes. This paper discusses the appropriate IMC mix strategies to reinforce the selected company which is Procter and Gamble and its brand Oral B within the UK market and recommends future directions.

Overview of the Company

For this paper, the brand of Procter and Gamble, Oral B has been selected for the analysis which is a multi-national company of diverse series of products and services. It has been observed that the corporation is involved in the more than a few brands of products and services which are circulated through its various supplies that functions in certain states comprising the UK by espousing an exclusive as well as a resourceful marketing strategy in the accomplishment of its organisational goals (Payaud, 2014). The company has over period developed one of the greatest recognised businesses throughout the globe. In order to be capable and competent of accomplishing all that it has operated, concerning the marketing strategy it is utilising, the business has experienced certain variations in several vigorous methods which have transmuted its marketing mix strategy. Moreover, the company prepares these by implementing its international tactic to build and deliver quality services which are intended at augmenting the lives of the individuals every day.

Oral-B toothbrushes are among the numerous brands of the company (Byron, 2011). Furthermore, in order to augment its sustainability, the corporation’s administration expects that the new name would be operational in the accomplishment of its goals, nevertheless, merely with the suitable implementation of an integrated marketing communication (IMC) mix of approaches. At present, the business is putting additional of its commodities into the traditional market with the utilisation of its various supplies throughout the world which likewise stock numerous other domestic items destined for usage by people or individuals customers, internationally. It is on this base that the business would endeavour to form as well as augment its integrated marketing mix approaches in its selected UK market.

Literature Review

According to Kitchen (2010), from the beginning of the 20th century, marketing mix communication has developed as one of the paramount methods coveted by global strategic brand executives in their quest of enriched development in the different brands of products of their corresponding businesses. Principally, the present inclination of a great rivalry is apparent as the ultimate driver in the revolution of the approaches in a way that permits for the reach out to consumers to be professionally speedy, concise, strong, as well as integrated. Smith & Zook (2011) argued that the utilisation of integrated marketing communication applicably assists in letting the businesses to control their commodities in contradiction of the effect of market forces reliant on how finest they communicate equivalently to the spectators or customers. Thus, as an outcome, there is offered a prospect for additional competent communication to happen.

Shimp & Andrews (2012) made the previous efforts to describe as well as structure integrated marketing communication mix approach in which he specified that IMC is considered as the detailed mixture of individual selling, promotion, communal relationships, sales elevation as well as direct marketing activities, each and every of that should be executed by the business in its quest of accomplishment of the marketing and promoting intents. Yeshin (2012) added that different companies have searched for this in order to implement this description or model theirs grounded on the marketing objectives which they pursue to attain. Numerous businesses have inclined to deliver more emphasis on the advertisement section of the IMC approach as the one best matched to empower them to encounter their sales targets as well as connect with their customers. Frequently, the emphasis is on advertising as the single marketing tool at the expenditure of the other approaches, as Thorson & Moore (2013) stated that it is one of the greatest advantageous communication tools.

It has been observed by Gordon (2012) that the contemporary competitive market gives the organisations as well as its executives with the utmost challenge since they are required to safeguard that the messages they communicate about their services connect to the major sum of clients as well as encourages them to make decisions for buying the similar commodities. Kitchen (2010) specified that the essential conception deliberated behind the IMC mix approach that a business can implement is the unified practice which it pursues to deliver to its customers. He added that it is completed with the advertising of the basic image of the brand as well as messaging to the customers; consequently, strengthening the marketing communication channel in usage by the business. Gabrielli & Balboni (2010) identified that it is carried by the vitality in the industry of toothbrushes as well as different dental care services that necessitate the marketing executives involve in the continuous makeover of the approaches engaged in collaborating the product mix.

On the other hand, Shimp & Andrews (2012) specified that the integrated marketing communication mix approach is not only about having commodities placed in the market grounded on the insights that the organisation has of the consumers’ requirements. Rather than this, it is about the association being quick to respond to the customers as well as their understandings and perceptions about their desires, needs as well as wants and put on this data in building products or services which would encounter their necessities. He also acknowledged that in any marketing internationally, advertising is reflected as the greatest advantageous to an advertising executive looking to sell a service to any potential customers as well as to connect to comprehensive onlookers with the formed brands in an attractive as well as in cost effective way. Similarly, according to Yeshin (2012) in any marketing division of a company internationally, publicising is considered as the ultimate supplier to the constructed image of the brand as well as augmentation of the mindfulness of the customers to the service.

Nevertheless, it is recognised as one of the many methods that the global brand executive at Oral-B Company would wish to embrace as the sole strategy to the mix. As opposed to all these, the IMC mix approach is a wide-ranging advertising strategy for communication which the manager can put on competitively in the assessment of the strategic disciplines which would emphasise it on other approaches. Moreover, between the aspects which are utilised to ease, form, as well as accomplish the integrated marketing communication mix strategy, positioning, segmentation, as well as branding,  are known to be central in safeguarding that there is a reasonable investigation of the business approach to be implemented by the corporation. It can be said that in order to effectively accomplish this, the executive would necessitate engaging the IMC mix successfully to measure in what way the same would be influenced by branding, positioning, and segmentation approaches for the project and execution of the marketing approach for the services (Payaud, 2014).

Payaud (2014) observed that within market segmentation, the supervisor has to rift the market consistently so that every section of the consumers shares comparable aspects. Thus, by carrying out this, it would be capable of dividing the consumers into several clusters grounded on their requirements. As a consequence, the consequence is predictable to be that in which the executive can connect to its targeted customers as well as noticeably propose to them a mix which is suitable to them. Moreover, in order to utilise segmentation as an approach, the executive would necessitate choosing the correct market, segmenting it as well as then selecting the greatest lucrative ones from which it can capitalise. It can be said that by carrying out this, the manager would be capable of progressing strategies which would content each and every need of customers. Additionally to this, within the IMC mix, it is likewise needed that the place held by the contestants is evaluated through tactics that reflect the consumer, market as well as the redefined demand of the brand (Kitchen, 2010).

Then again, within the brand strategy, the top level management necessitates recognising the family of commodities in which the services can be characterised. According to Thorson & Moore (2013), these comprise personal and corporate family branding, range and family branding. Specified a sole brand or product like in the situation of Oral-B, it can be said that the personal branding method is finest suitable for the business. In addition to this, recognising the brand previously, particularly to this case, similarly supports in the purpose of the service decision like in the marketing communication mix, an executive would merely reflect the central effect that the item would have on general society. It would correspondingly assist it as well as progress its image, turnover ranks, a status between opponents as well as empower it to craft additional consciousness between the consumers of the novel brands.

Market Environment Review

For this paper UK market has been selected for this service. Nevertheless, that the item would have on the pas the organisation has a few outside outlets and in addition, can make online deals; the focused on business sector is a far reaching on a bigger scale. In addition, for the business to effectively accomplish its objectives and address the issues of the customers, it would need to realign itself well with the business sector decided powers that clarify nature of the operation (Shimp & Andrews, 2012). Notwithstanding this, the acknowledgement of the surroundings is vital to the achievement of a corner that characterises the entrance levels of the items to the business sector. On the other hand, distinguishing the surroundings assists with the highlight of the competitive advantages that the P&G Company has over its adversaries about this single brand, Oral-B. A higher competitive advantage would suggest the item is more favoured when contrasted with those of the contenders. Likewise, the organisation would require repositioning itself as the business sector pioneer and directing the costs of the items. Nonetheless, in the case that it does not end up being more competitive than its opponents are, the organisation may simply wind up being a supporter in the business sector; henceforth, holds fast to the set costs by the pioneers in the marketplace.

When considering the previous times when the integrated marketing communication was not developed, the exercise utilised by businesses comprised the communicating of market data by huge sections that controlled the marketplace (Smith & Zook, 2011). Nonetheless, by integrating the marketing communication mix, the global brand executive at Oral-B would require depending on their corporate resources demonstrating their sales revenue to measure the applicable markets to capitalise in as well as the one to segment in additional.


Critical Analysis and Discussion

Company Strategies

Critically, the examination and acknowledgement of the possession of a product are not enough to warrant the company the intended sales levels and revenues that it anticipates. Therefore, it would require setting up appropriate measures or strategies that would ensure that it obtains the largest market share (Payaud, 2014). The adopted plan by the company should be one that ensures that it does not trail behind in the global market for toothbrushes, as well that it can counter the growing competition threat from Unilever, which is its chief rival (Shen, Tan & Xie 2000, p.94-96). To achieve these two primary goals, its adopted strategy should be one that assesses the market and enables it to be diverse across the various market segments that it has created. This shall also help it to overcome any dilemma in choosing whether to penetrate a developed or emerging market with the products (Gordon, 2012).

Target Audience:

It has been observed that in the UK, the market for toothbrushes as well as different dental items is extensively controlled by P&G, though certain opponent organisations exist. In addition to this, the presently targeted market for these services would be for each and every age group, for example, starting from three years to lifetime. It is on account of kids consider the item extremely proficient for use as well, instead of the brushes by contender firms that exclusive spotlight on the particular items for characterised age bunches. Similarly, market supplies in the UK would incorporate general stores as well as dental supplies which look to urge their customers to utilise restoratively tried toothbrushes.

Media Selection:

It has been watched that at the present minute and in light of the marketing mix technique that the organisation tries to receive that objective the UK market and universally, its chances are the capacity to broaden into other business sector fragments the country over and all around. Moreover, the Oral-B organisation can profit by its gaining by the online media, for example, social media to offer its Oral-B brand. Additionally, the Asian business sector for FMCG items, for example, the Oral-B toothbrushes is likewise developing; henceforth, the organisation can profit by this as a major aspect of its global developments systems. Moreover, it needs to concentrate on its surroundings worries as a part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR).


It has been noticed that positioning is a fundamental portion of marketing communications tactic. For this reason, the idea of the positioning is one of the two progressions considered inside communications system. In addition, the primary element is worried about whom, in the expansive term, is the intended interest group. Of course, the second element concerns the path in which a crowd of people comprehends the offering they are encountering either through use or through communications (Gabrielli & Balboni, 2010). Moreover, in IMC mix, it can be said that there is a necessity to decide the position held by contenders. So also, there are various general ways to deal with building up a position. These can be founded on variables, for example, the business sector, the client or reclassifying the bid of the brand itself. Then again, to actualise these three expansive methodologies, the rundown that takes after are displayed here as a method for passing on the key style, notwithstanding, as a general rule various half-breed procedures are regularly utilised and these are administrations, their costs, highlights, quality, contender and in addition advantage.



Organisational Structure


The figure above demonstrates the authoritative structure that the global vital brand director for Oral-B can receive in setting the marketing mix for the item. In addition, the item is named a family unit care item; consequently, the objective shoppers would be those in the residential market and not the business market. Notwithstanding this, so as to accomplish a worldwide business benefit, the organisation would need a mutual administration with its different branches or effectively settled brands, particularly those in the excellence and prepping division. Besides, at the corporate level, the fruitful marketing, presentation and sustenance of the Oral-B toothbrush would require sufficient administration of the publicising stores distributed to the item. It can be said that through useful development, the organisation ought to have the capacity to outline fitting bundles for the items that would make them exceedingly sellable (Yeshin, 2012).


The authoritative structure cannot be effectively actualised without sufficient administrative structures. Subsequently, the organisation`s administration ought to endeavour to be in charge of the arrangement of the revival arranges that can be embraced for the marketing of the Oral-B brand in every one of the urban areas in the UK. Accomplishing this would be founded on the way that P&G has been known not solid, strong, reliable, and superb items that depend on strict adherence to the neighbourhood, provincial, and global norms. Besides, in the UK and global markets, the circumstance might be diverse because of the dynamisms of such markets that are frequently described by high rivalry and various firms delivering the same item. To enter into such a business sector, the worldwide vital brand administrator would need to apply an alternate arrangement that would, in any case, empower it to set significantly low costs, yet without trading off the business turnover or the incomes. The main advantage this brand would have is the worldwide picture that P&G has set up after some time in different items. Through satisfactory marketing and communication, the organisation ought to have the capacity to guide its entrance into the remote markets and to mix with alternate items whose brands are as of now basic easily recognised titles.


It can be concluded that this marketing examination report was focused on the determination of the integrated marketing and communication mix procedure that P&G can embrace to upgrade its publicising and commercialisation of its Oral-B brand. It is seen that the organisation has practical experience in FMCG merchandise and has the home-based consideration items broadly offering in the UK market. Besides, the essential sympathy toward the global key brand supervisor would be headed to use the accessible marketing mix to accomplish reasonable development in the business sector disregarding the opposition. Additionally, it is watched that the principle contender is Unilever, and for the firm to exceed expectations in its new brand of Oral-B toothbrushes, it would require realigning its operations along its itemised authoritative structure, and different examination can both guide in the vital arrangement of the item inside the business sector.

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