Increase Fundraising through Online Engagement

Increase Fundraising through Online Engagement

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Increase Fundraising through Online Engagement


Cardinal McCloskey School and Home for Children also known as Cardinal McCloskey Community Services (CMCS) is a not-for-profit, social service agency providing quality based services to some of the most vulnerable children, families and adults in our communities.  Each year CMCS provides assistance to over 7,000 families in need, serves more than 2,500 children in their Early Childhood Education Programs, supports over 200 individuals with Developmental Disabilities and cares for more than 1,200 at risk youth in their Sunrise Drop-In-Center. 

This is why every dollar donated counts towards the greater future of one of these individuals. Every board member has a moral duty to support the organization financially. That being said, the goal of this online engagement plan is to improve and/or enhance the financial contributions of the CMCS board members. CMCS was selected for this plan due to their lack of online engagement for its board members and donors.  CMCS needs to become more engaged with their stakeholders in the online world.

Some strategies that I plan to incorporate are:

  • Mobile fundraising strategy
  • Donate now buttons on the website
  • Use of compelling imagery

The goal of this online engagement plan would be to increase fundraising by 50% and let donors see where their dollars are going. Fundraising is an important aspect of board membership. If you craft a board of directors to create an intentional culture of fundraising, you not only help out your main fundraising team, but you create a powerful method of community outreach and sustainable revenue generation. 

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