In exile: Chekhov’s stories

In exile: Chekhov’s stories

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In exile: Chekhov’s stories

Write a paragraph of 100 to 150 words in response to one of the following questions. Remember to support your answer with reference to the work of literature itself.

1. In “The Cask of Amontillado,” do you find Montresor to be a reliable narrator? If not, what makes you distrust him?

2. What is the significance of Mrs. Mercer and her “pious purpose” in “Araby”? Of the poem the narrator’s uncle begins to recite? Of the books the priest leaves behind or the conversation the narrator overhears at the bazaar? Choose one of these details and link it to the narrator’s adoration of Mangan’s sister or to his sense of self at the end of “Araby”?

3. Chekhov’s stories have sometimes been criticized for having inconclusive endings. Is this criticism justified in terms of his story “In Exile”? Explain your answer.

4. What is the tone of the narration of Kafka’s “A Hunger Artist”? Where and when do you imagine the events of the story to have taken place?

Chekhov’s stories have faced numerous criticisms due to their adoption of the inconclusive ending. However, this feature is not showcased in the story in exile as he falls away from the normal write up adopting a more philosophical sense. In exile is much more conclusive as Chekhov position mostly was based on his personal experience at the time of creating the story. Being one of the stories that formed his future writings, In exile, couples much more of the melancholic mood choosing to balance between the view of the writer and the allowing the readers to create their own decision on what the characters in the story should do

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