Importance of Quality management in Strategy Formu

Importance of Quality management in Strategy Formulation

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Recognition of quality management in formulation of strategies by business firms has enabled most organizations to shield from the competition of free market. Although most business firms view strategy formulation and management of quality as two independent disciplines, they have included aspects of quality management in strategy formulation for more desirable output. Features of Total Quality Management (TQM) have been recognized by organizations as the main source of strengths in minimizing threats from external and internal business environment. The success of the formulated strategy depends on the integration level of quality management into the implementation process (María, 1996).

Importance of Quality Concept in Strategy Formulation

            Integration of quality management in formulation of strategies ensures that those strategies maximize on organizational continuous improvement. Quality management hence ensures that the proposed strategy achieve the possible maximum benefit to the organization. Quality motive should not modify the goals of the strategy but should contribute in making them better for the sake of the organization. For better organizational results, quality should be applied in every stage of the strategy formulation process, thereby making every level to achieve maximum efficiency. Quality management ensures value maximization in the strategy being formulated by an organization (Paraschivescu and Căprioară, 2014). For example, Qatar’s airline strategy to raise the number of business class passengers in 2013/2014 was solely informed by quality management. As the company analyzed the business environment through various strategic management tools, quality management was a key consideration in the strategy. This is where the idea was customer driven through service quality improvement as well collaboration with employees to affect the success of the business strategy…

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