• Identify the principle building materials, the

• Identify the principle building materials, their properties and characteristics

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1.  Short Description


This module introduces students to the study of the fundamentals of building technology, methods and materials by focusing on what is involved in assembling a typical low-rise house.  Attention is also given to ensuring a sustainable approach in the selection of materials and extent of detailing for improved low energy performance.  




This module seeks to:

  • foster analytical thinking and understanding of the scientific principles that determine the behaviour of materials when in use and subjected to loading.
  • Encourage both deductive and inductive thinking of how building materials in domestic dwellings are selected and formed into structural elements which combine to form a complete building that performs to the desired low energy standard level.




3.1    Knowledge and Understanding:

  • Identify the principle building materials, their properties and characteristics.
  • Distinguish between structural and non-structural elements in terms of functional and performance expectations.
  • Through independent learning and research demonstrate how modern methods of construction have transformed the building process and quality of the end products of construction
  • Be able to select and specify elements of a domestic building frame that ensure low energy performance.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of structural behaviour of key building elements and how they are detailed and assembled to ensure improved low energy performance.  


3.2    Intellectual Skills:

  • Identify and critically analyse issues with reference to pertinent argument and evidence 
  • Evaluate current procedures and approaches in domestic construction and apply professional judgement in order to devise solutions and/or recommend appropriate actions
  • Assemble information and data from a variety of sources and discern and establish connections.
  • Appraise complex and unfamiliar problems and apply professional judgement in order to devise solutions and or recommend appropriate actions. 



3.3    Practical skills:

•     This module will involve students examining various materials and construction details in order to establish interdependence of design, function, and methods of assembly, structural behaviour and functional performance.


4.4 Transferable Skills:

  • Learn effectively and independently
  • Effectively communicate complex ideas, information and data by oral, written and visual means

in a form appropriate for the intended audience.   

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