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Workforce may be described as the entirety of all the people who are engaged in paid job and the involuntarily unemployed people who are looking for paid jobs, or, can be said to be the actual number of members of the workforce on an employer’s payroll system. Workforce performance ideally describes the way the employee does their job. It is a concept that considers the level of standard of employee’s competency, ability, skill set, managerial skills, and all other factors that are in any manner related with the performance of employee. To stick to the objective of attaining the goals an organization needs to keep a check on the performance of employees. In case, the performance is not found in accordance with the standards/is not up to the mark, the organization can take the possible course of action to improve the performance that is desired with a destination principle of achieving the objective. It is to be noted that the workforce performance plays a crucial role in letting an organization hit the bull’s eye. Therefore, workforce performance is indispensable for an organization and requires an ongoing supervision so that corrective actions can be taken as and when needed.

Problem Statement and Objectives

  • To study the issues and problems faced by the employees in their working schedule at their workplace in Melbourne.
  • To identify the factors that is responsible for problems faced by the workforce in the organizational setting of global nature.

Objectives of the study

  • To study the job satisfaction among employees in Melbourne.
  • To study the work-related discrepancies and critical issues faced by employees in their working environment.

Research Methodology

The research methodology involves certain steps which are essential for research such as:

Review of literature

Literature review critically analyses the concern subject through Google Scholar& Science Direct. Workforce performance refers to the adequate working conditions. In this framework, the researcher primarily studies the working condition and identified their behaviour in production systems. It primarily states the concerns and issues faced by the assigned worker in their over time. The researcher also measures and computes the performance opportunity achievable through static allocation of worker .

 Workforce performance is all about improving the quality of their employees to achieve certain financial achievements. In this framework, the researcher states positive co-relation between employee performance & financial performance of the organization. It states that if, organization achieves certain landmark of profits then morale of the employees will automatically improve and they are motivated enough to perform better in their jobs .

Data Collection Method

 This research is entirely based on qualitative data. In this research, the researcher generally followed primary method of data collection. The researcher generally collects data from working employees in Melbourne to find out inferences. The data has been collected via interview through questionnaires and survey form and subsequently analysed with the help of Likert Scale. It tends to analyse through 1-5 scales. 1 implies poor and 5 implies excellent. The sample size lies between 100-120 employees from Melbourne.

Analysis and Interpretation

The data analysis and interpretations shows that majority of the employee’s lacks coordination among peers and management. The management does not understand the values and the problems which are faced by the employees. From this point,there is lack of communication in the organization because the organization are not able express their points with clarity. The study also states that organization must provide every support to their best employees those are suffering critical issues in their working conditions. The study also states that organization must enhance coordination and communication with their employees to maintain satisfaction. It is also clear that organization must provide adequate supervision to their employees in order enhance productivity in their working environment.

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