How should the Chief Nursing Officer impact nurses

How should the Chief Nursing Officer impact nurses in their everyday duties?

The primary theme of the paper is How should the Chief Nursing Officer impact nurses in their everyday duties? in which you are required to emphasize its aspects in detail. The cost of the paper starts from $79 and it has been purchased and rated 4.9 points on the scale of 5 points by the students. To gain deeper insights into the paper and achieve fresh information, kindly contact our support.

Your essay should include a title page per APA format, but you do not need to include an abstract. Your essay should be between 800 - 1000 words responding to the following prompt.

            How should the Chief Nursing Officer impact nurses in their everyday duties?  You should use the following excerpt from the IOM report “The Future of Nursing” to help you develop your discussion, and you can use your own experience as a healthcare professional to support your argument. Personal narrative is NOT appropriate for this assignment; rather, include your own critical and analytical ideas based on your experiences. Do not attempt to address every aspect of the Chief Nursing Officer’s impact on nurses.  Instead, focus on two or three areas you think, are most important. You may research and use outside sources for this essay; but make sure your main source of focus in the IOM report “The Future of Nursing”

Your essay will be evaluated on your general writing ability and on how well you meet the following expectations of academic writing discussed in this unit:

  • Paper offers a clear, explicit, and direct discussion of the topic
  • The language used is appropriate to the academic community
  • The introduction clearly identifies the topic and establishes a specific argument
  • The tone is objective in keeping with the scientific academic audience
  • The paper incorporates the source effectively, using it as part of a meaningful discussion of the topic.
  • The paper includes a clear thesis statement that provides direction and focus for the essay
  • Each body paragraph develops the argument established in the introduction
  • Each body paragraph has a clear focus on one idea
  • Each body paragraph includes a precise topic sentence
  • Transitions establish logical connections between paragraphs
  • Within paragraphs, transitions create connections and relationships between sentences
  • Quotation is effectively incorporated, using a signal phrase or some other method of incorporation
  • Summary is effectively integrated into the text
  • Quotation and summary are clearly contextualized as part of writer’s discussion of the topic
  • In-text citations are in correct APA format
  • Reference list is in correct APA format
  • Sources are clearly identified and cited, thus avoiding plagiarism

ABOVE ARE THE COMPLETE DIRECTIONS FOR THIS PAPER. PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY!!!! THIS IS FOR A MASTER`S ACADEMIC PROGRAM, THEREFORE, WRITING MUST BE AT SUCH LEVEL. I will attach on a separate file the IOM`s report: "The Future of Nursing". Along with the report you will find the reference. Please remember to place citations, quotations and in-text citations correctly where they belong and keep in mind, the paper should be directed to an audience of master`s and PHD academic level, therefore language and grammar should be used accordingly. Please follow directions carefully and make sure each bullet point is addressed. Thank you!!

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