how future care will improve quality of care

how future care will improve quality of care

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Quality Management Response


Quality management sets the platform for quality care. As a DNP, it is the platform on which one will build their project, which will accomplished through improvement outcome. As we use outcome measurements to evaluate how care  provided affected the patients,  how practice  current  and future policies, did care improve within health care system, and how future care will improve quality of care   (Moran, Burson & Conrad, 24).  When implementing change one must be assured the project will be successful while demonstrating quality of care. Evaluation of project design will determine quality outcomes, which will lead to innovative practice.


Quality Management Response Institution Date There are several research questions that can be formulated from write-up 1. They include: Which are some of the health projects that will resonate with improvement on the quality management while maintaining reliable and efficient health care to patients? Which criteria can be used to predict the success of health management program that integrates innovative pra

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