How does your plan fit in with your long term goal

How does your plan fit in with your long term goals?

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Academic Interests and Long Term Goals

The topic is the following : 1.Tell us about your academic interests and what you plan to study at U of T. How does your plan fit in with your long term goals? (400 words maximum) I am a male, applying with a french baccalaureate to the trinity college of the university of Toronto in the arts and sciences department, in the life sciences program, major in biology. I have lots of interests in this field. I am willing to pursue my studies in the biological domain; more precisely I would like to study human biology. As intriguing as it is, i believe that the human body is ‘…the most complex and orderly arrangement of matter in the universe`. It fits in a way my long term goals because i am willing to become a doctor, in order to help people, cure diseases etc... Since my early age i wanted to follow my father`s steps. (I am also have interests for lab courses such as research and chemistry...)
Running Head: ACADEMIC INTERESTS AND LONG TERM GOALSAcademic Interests and Long Term Goals[Student Name][Course Title][Instructor Name][Date]Ever since I was a child, I was interested in how living things function. Back in school, biology lab was my favorite class as we got to experiment and study structure of different animals. My parents always encouraged this interest of mine and often bought different pets for me to keep and observe as I grew older. Moreover, since my father is a Doctor, he especially has always been very supportive of this interest of mine. I always wanted to follow in his footsteps and after completing my Baccalaureate, I decided to turn my interest in biology into my profession.Once I decided...
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