How did the French rule in Vietnam make the Vietn

How did the French rule in Vietnam make the Vietnamese people turn towards communism and nationalism?

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The Tragedy of Vietnam


How did the French rule in Vietnam make the Vietnamese people turn towards communism and nationalism? Explain the Domino Theory and its relationship to Vietnam. Why did the United States support Ngo Dinh Diem? How did the Vietnamese relate to him? Describe the Ho Chi Minh Trail and its purpose. When did the conflict in Vietnam escalate into war? Explain the different policies and conflicts that caused this escalation. Would Southeast Asia have turned to communism as the Domino Theory suggests, if the United States had not fought in Vietnam? addon here is some more information i need to tell the write because i don`t they do wrong This review is your opinion and analysis of the book. Do not use the Internet to get your answers. Papers with information cut and pasted from the Internet or plagiarized will earn a zero. Second offense will earn you an F in the course. The book review essay should be 3-4 pages in length. Please double space and any quotes or references should be cited using MLA format.

NameCourseInstructorDateThe Tragedy of Vietnam In The Tragedy of Vietnam by Patrick J. Hearden, look into the history of Vietnam from French occupation of Indochina to the final withdrawal of US troops in Vietnam. The author illustrates that, US foreign policy after WWII influenced how American Presidents dealt with spread of communism. Even though, America desired to create a New World Order, the threat of communism was a challenge to this goal. Hearden also points out that fear of communism and growing strength of the communist Vietcong in North Vietnam highlighted the need to focus more on the Global Domino Theory. Another potential challenge to America was that the South had an autocratic leader who was unable to deal with communist forces, but America’s decision to escalate conflicts into a war and eventually a stalemate.Under the French rule, Vietnam was divided and nationalists feeling arose over time with Ho Chi Minh intent on ending French colonialism, their capitalist system and liberating the nation under a unified national state. Since the WWI, there were increased calls for independence for Vietnam away from the yokes of the French empire, but the French and British were not keen to give nations the right for self-determination (Lawrence 24). Thus, it became clear that the Western democracy would not be effective in bringing change in the country. With this in mind, Ho Chi Minh called for Vietnam independence as WWII approached, and the seizure of French Indochina by the Japanese precipitated the process.The US foreign policy after the WWII relied on the Domini theory as a containment strategy of communism. This theory led to intervention efforts in...
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