Heat Exchange analysis

Heat Exchange analysis

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Use the data in the reference file(Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Fluids) to solve the question and look the learning outcomes carefully.
A twin-tube, counterflow heat exchanger operates with balanced flow rates of 0.003 kg/s for the hot and cold airstreams. The cold stream enters at 280 K and must be heated to 340 K using hot air at 360 K. The average pressure of the airstreams is 1 atm and the maximum allowable pressure drop for the cold air is 10 kPa. The tube walls may be assumed to act as fins, each with an efficiency of 100%.

(a)Determine the tube diameter D and length L that satisfy the prescribed heat transfer and pressure drop requirements.
For the diameter D and length L found in part (a), generate plots of the cold stream outlet temperature, the heat transfer rate, and pressure drop as a function of balanced flow rates in the range from 0.002 to 0.004 kg/s. Comment on your results.

Learning Outcomes to be assessed 
Learning outcome 1: Ability to identify, classify and describe the performance of systems and components through the use of analytical methods and modelling techniques.
Learning outcome 2: Competency in analytical and problem solving skills for both engineering and industrial applications.

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