HB 347 Foodservice Distribution Channel

HB 347 Foodservice Distribution Channel

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HB 347 Foodservice Distribution Channel

Menu Project – Fall 2016 – 70 points


The HB 347 menu project is comprised of two components. First, you will choose a restaurant theme and develop a menu that fits the theme and is due to Professor Rice for review on Monday, October 17th. Second, you will write a report that supports the menu you have written using information you have learned in class, guest speaker presentations and your own research. The written report is due on Wednesday, November 30th. Follow the outline listed below.


Part One:

1. Choose a restaurant theme from one of the following segments:

                        (Fine Dining, Casual, Fast Casual, Quick-Service)

2. Develop a menu using the template provided. The template can be modified, i.e. you can add items in each category or add/delete a category. You must complete the minimum number of items for each category.

3. Research and determine the manufacturer or brand for the menu item itself or as a major component of the recipe

4. The completed menu template is due in-class on October 17th


Part Two:

            The written report is to be typed in Word format and include the following sections.

1. Introduction of Restaurant Theme and Menu – describe the restaurant and how you chose the menu to fit the theme

2. Marketing – in general, describe the resources you will use to market the restaurant and the menu

3. Manufacturer/Brands – describe the manufacturer’s or brands you chose to represent on the menu for either the menu item itself or as a major component of the recipe

4. Suggested Selling Price/Food Cost Goal – in general, describe the how you determined the suggested selling price and what your food cost goal is for the menu

5. Value/Quality/Specification – describe the standard you set for each menu item or category of items

6. Conclusion – write a conclusion on how the planning, research and distribution partners will lead to a successful restaurant venture



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