Green Computing

Green Computing

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Green computing is soon to become part of every facet of computing as energy costs rise, pollution becomes a continued issue, and the cost of maintaining the waste it takes to produce and dispose of computing materials.

1) Spend an hour or so walking around one of the Mesa Community College campuses (Southern and Dobson or Red Mountain). This may be done at any time during authorized hours. Pay special attention to the classrooms? library, labs, and anywhere else that technology is used extensively (including this class). If you are taking this class online or Mesa Community College is not feasible, you may use a grocery store, mall, or even your own living space.

2) Write a 300 word paper on how you believe Mesa Community College can increase it’s green footprint within the community. Include any new materials you may have learned. There are no real “wrong” answers as long as the attempt is valid.

Please title the page appropriately. Please use Microsoft Word. Please double-space the Word Document. Be creative! Are we using Word to create all writing assignments?


20 points for content. How much research did you do and how well you presented the topic. Was the material you presented relevant and interesting? Again, use your imagination and be creative!

10 points for 300 words. 10 point deduction for less than 300 words and 10 points for every 10 words less than 300 words. As an example, 299 words is a ten point reduction. 289 words is a 20 point reduction, decreasing by 10 points to zero.

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