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The module will explore concepts and debates about governance of firms under different varieties of capitalism and link these to theories of firms` business strategies. In turn it links these two themes to theories about institutional evolution. It covers such topics as the organization of firms` boundaries, vertical integration, networks and alliances, transaction cost and institutional theories, comparative corporate governance in developed and emerging markets, how institutions of property rights and contract enforcement evolved in Europe, using Britain as a case study; institutions in emerging markets with a focus on China as a case study. We use case studies of firms, industries and countries in the seminars to examine and illustrate issues.

Lecture Topics:

1) Markets, organizations, institutions, Varieties of capitalism

2) Tools of governance, information asymmetries

3) Industry analysis, boundaries of firms

4) Strategic rivalry, game theory

5) Markets and hierarchies, transaction costs

6) Vertical integration, Chandler

7) Hybrid forms, vertical de-integration, outsourcing

8) Institutions, case study Britain

9) Emerging markets` institutions, case study China

10) Corporate governance, Varieties of capitalism

11) Conclusions, exam issues

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