Global Health Equity and Health Disparities

Global Health Equity and Health Disparities

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Identify a country (low and middle countries only) that you are most familiar with and prepare a report on health disparity between areas and population groups within that country. Alternatively, the report can also focus on health disparities between nations. However, if you choose to work on the latter the comparison should include three or more countries. The report should be written as a policy brief placing yourself as a representative of a commission in your country that speaks on behalf of marginalized people. The paper should be written in a very clear and very crisp manner, with short sentences, short paragraphs, and as few words as possible. The aim of the exercise is to give you a chance to explore equity issues in countries with significant health disparities or the differences that exist between countries, get a feel for some of the resources available on equity issues, gain some experience in taking an “equity” lens to those countries, and practice articulating equity concerns in clear and simple ways. You can do this without difficulty by searching for “health disparities in country yyy”. You will find an abundance of information and want to use first that from reports of major agencies, key NGOs that focus on equity concerns, governments, and articles in major journals.


one potential source that you may like to check.


Discussion Cases

• In terms of the “what,” you should focus your exploration on: health status/outcomes (such as differences in premature mortality, DALYs, YLDs, life expectancy at birth, differences in risk factors and access/coverage of key health services and interventions).

• In terms of the “who,” you should focus on: locational disparities, ethnic/racial disparities and/or socioeconomic disparities.

• Your paper should also outline required steps to redress the disparities reported in your report.



Grading Scale and Standards

The paper will be graded based on:

• Following the guidelines of the assignment

• Clarity

• The logic of your argument

• Appropriate use of evidence and data, both about your country and comparative data

• Reasonableness of your conclusions

• Diversity of references and appropriate use of referencing style

You should use of a variety of recent literature and databases (minimum 6 and published since 2010).


the magnitude of the health inequality in the country of your choice with respect to (1) premature mortality (expressed in the form of differences in life expectancy at birth or at a certain age), (2) non-fatal conditions, and (3) potential contributing factors as well as (4) differences in access to health care between the groups.  As in assignment one, the report should also contain an executive summary as well as (5) a section on required steps to re-dress the inequality in the country.  Attached are some indicators of magnitude of health disadvantage for Indigenous Australia that you may like to consider in your own case.  Please note that the attached document is not a policy brief but some key facts, and your assignment should be written in a report format and not in terms of dot points.

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