Final Exam Assignment (Essay): Problems in Polluti

Final Exam Assignment (Essay): Problems in Pollution

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Final Exam Assignment (Essay): Problems in Pollution


Final Exam Essay – Problems in Pollution
As we come face to face with the limits of the planet to supply the human race with the resources necessary to provide a viable quality of life, we look for strategies on how we might better live in a more sustainable manner. During the semester, we have examined the different components of the planet that supports us, the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. We have looked at the activities and practices that pollute, damage and degrade these resources, and have considered solutions to many of these. 
Your final exam tests your knowledge of our environmental pollution problems and solutions that have been either adopted or are proposed for a more sustainable future. Citing the aforementioned components, identify problems that currently exist, or may be exacerbated by current human activities, and give specific solutions and strategies that foster the protection of these natural resources and ecosystem services ensuring a sustainable future and the perpetuation of the human species. 
3 pages, double space. 


Name Instructor Course Date Problems with Pollution Introduction Most environmental problems arise from human activities. The causes of pollution have increased over the past years, because of the increase in demand for the pollutants by humans. The main categories of environmental pollution are air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, thermal pollution and soil contamination. Pollution has led to depletion of the natural resources, deteriorating plants and animal diversity, degradation of the ecosystem and climate change. Due to adverse effects of pollution, it has become a global problem that requires a lot of attention. The society is trying to implement immediate actions that will ensure a better environmental health for our planet. The government is also responsible for making policies that will help improve the environment. Pollution causes several environmental problems, but the effects may be eliminated through various ways. Environmental Problems caused by Pollution The different classifications of environmental pollution have different adverse effects on the environment. Air pollution is the biggest problem affecting the environment. In the environment, air and water are the two basic things that an individual can

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