fall in the energy and commodity prices

fall in the energy and commodity prices

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Topic: fall in the energy and commodity prices,( not actual topic and it would be decided by the research factor you choice in issue from research requirement)
Most recently, there has been a remarkable fall in the energy and commodity prices. Many have been debating the possible explanations for this phenomenon, whether the low prices will persist, and most importantly the possible impact on different countries, in particular commodity exporters. The project may discuss the reasons behind the fall in prices, comment on the possible factors which may push up/down their prices in the future, and using time series models (for instance VARs) assess how economic activity and/or key indicators across different countries depend on the energy/commodity prices, in particular major oil exporters and possibly major importers. Finally, empirical results can be used to discuss which countries are more vulnerable/sensitive and possible impact of prolonged low prices.

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DATA SOURCE: Datastream
data analysis tool recommend : eviews or stata

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