Explain why legislation is created and the role of

Explain why legislation is created and the role of Royal Assent

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TMA 01

The cut-off date for TMA 01 is 12:00 midday (UK local time) on 13 December 2017.

This is the latest date by which your TMA must reach your tutor. You must submit your TMA using the online TMA system.

TMA 01 consists of four questions. You are expected to answer all questions in this TMA. Your answers should be written in your own words. All the information you require is provided in the module materials. You do not need to use additional resources to complete your answers.

This TMA is designed to test your knowledge of Units 4–6.

The total word limit for TMA 01 is 1,000 words. All the words you use to answer the questions, including quotations and citations, are included in your word count.

We suggest that you answer the questions using approximately the number of words shown in the table below:

Question 1

200 words

Question 2

300 words

Question 3

350 words

Question 4

150 words

You must provide a reference list and a word count. The reference list is not included in the word count


Question 1

  • a.Briefly outline where the ideas for new Acts of Parliament originate from.
  • b.Explain what is meant by Royal Assent.

(20 marks)

Question 2

  • a.Explain why and how delegated legislation is controlled.
  • b.Explain what happens if the two Houses of Parliament do not agree on whether a Bill should become an Act of Parliament. Provide an example of an Act of Parliament that has come into force despite disagreement between the Houses.

(30 marks)

Question 3

Outline the role of the judiciary in the legal system of England and Wales. Identify one argument which supports, and one argument which contradicts, the contention that judges create law.

(35 marks)

Question 4

  • a.What have you found difficult about managing your time when preparing this TMA?
  • b.What would you do differently when planning and writing TMA 02?

(15 marks)

Learning outcomes

TMA 01 tests the following learning outcomes:

Knowledge and understanding:

  • explain why legislation is created and the role of Royal Assent
  • explain the role of democracy in the law-making process
  • explain the role of the judiciary in the law-making process
  • select and interpret key information from a range of sources, and represent it accurately and appropriately
  • read and discuss legal information
  • plan, study and manage a sequence of work to meet a deadline.
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