• explain the impact of significant life events

• explain the impact of significant life events on individuals

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Scenario / case study

Harry is an 85 year old man who has been brought to hospital following a fall from a ladder in his back yard. He lives with his wife, Alice, in their own home.

He had been attempting to clean out the gutters following a storm. He is not sure how he got to hospital and is not good at providing other health or family history. On a Mini Mental Status Examination he scored 17 out of 30, which is well under the cut-off score of 24. This indicates that he has possible cognitive impairment. His dislocated shoulder has been reduced under an aesthesia following two unsuccessful attempts at closed reduction.

Harry has not eaten or taken any fluids since returning to the ward. You become concerned that when his wife leaves after the evening meal, he becomes restless and begins to experience difficulty responding to directions.

In an extended essay, using the following information could you help explain how the health and social care services can support Harry manage this significant event in his life.

Task 1

  • explain the impact of significant life events on individuals
  • analyse possible group responses to significant life events that occur to one of its members
  • analyse the impact for others in health and social care when an individual experiences significant life events

Task 2

  • evaluate the effectiveness of organisational policies and procedures in supporting individuals and their social networks affected by significant life events
  • explain how others in social networks may provide support to individuals experiencing significant life events
  • evaluate the suitability of external sources of support for those affected by significant life events

Task 3

  • analyse possible organisational responses to the need to support individuals experiencing a significant life event. And justify that wide range of agencies has been considered and used.
  • reflect on own personal contributions to the support of individuals experiencing significant life events. Demonstrate effective and professional judgement has been made. 
  • make recommendations that show that organizational responses are appropriate in improving the support available in a health and social care organisation for individuals and their social networks when affected by significant life events.


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