Explain and apply the principal theories of punish

Explain and apply the principal theories of punishment

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Question 1

Identify and explain which penal theories underpin the death penalty. The death penalty was abolished in Great Britain in 1965
(and in Northern Ireland in 1973), but still exists in other countries. Do you think that the death penalty should be reintroduced in 
the UK? You should explain your answer with reference to penal theory.
(45 marks)

Question 2

Nick was rushing to pick his daughter up from school. As he was running quite late, he was in a hurry and was driving at a speed
that was in excess of the speed limit for the residential street on which he was driving. He was also on the phone to his daughter 
who had called to see how much longer he would be. Distracted by his irate daughter, Nick does not notice that Jenny, who is on 
a moped, is stopped at a red traffic light. Nick hits Jenny at quite a significant speed. Jenny is knocked off the moped. The moped 
is badly damaged by Nick`s car.

Nick is shocked, but uninjured. Jenny was wearing a helmet, so luckily she does not suffer any head injuries. However she does
suffer from a broken arm and a spinal injury. Jenny has to take two months off work as a result of her injuries. The medical specialist 
who has been treating Jenny is of the opinion that it is difficult to determine what the long term effects of her spinal injury may be.
Identify the civil claim which is available to Jenny, and explain which facts she must prove to be successful in her claim and to what 
standard she must prove them. State whether you think her claim is likely to succeed. 
Explain the categories of damages she may be awarded.
(45 marks)
Question 3

(a) Identify three skills that you have developed during your study of W101.
(b) Explain how you could apply any one of these skills in a workplace.
(10 marks)

Learning outcomes

TMA 04 tests the following learning outcomes:
Knowledge and understanding

Explain and apply the principal theories of punishment
Explain the facts that must be proved in a civil claim and how compensation is calculated.
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