Experience of the American Legal System

Experience of the American Legal System

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Americans have been very confident with their security systems over the years. This is as a result of the strong security mechanisms established by the federal government. The Americans have always their state to be very safe especially before wake of the 9/11 terrorists attack. The US has established a culture of ultimate safety and security among the citizens. The Americans usually feel safe and protected in their daily ventures. The culture of security in America forces them to be confident with their security systems and perceive their country as the safest in the world. The security culture held by the Americans makes them believe that insecurity can only be derived from outside sources. This view has made Americans blame the immigrants for the insecurity sentiments in the country. The notion that Americans are safety and security oriented makes outsiders to bear the blame for insecurity issues in the country (Del Duca & Levasseur, 2010).

According to Del Duca & Levasseur (2010), the federal government of America has sought to make the country the safest for its citizens in the world. This has been done through establishment of various bodies and institutions geared towards safeguarding security in the country. Consequently, the citizens have adapted feeling secure and have little regard for insecurity. They however perceive that insecurity is resultant from outsiders. Both legal and illegal immigrants are treated with prejudice in matters of security. Americans have a perception that insecurity problems cannot be perpetuated by the American citizens. The situation worsened when a terror attack was launched in America arguably by Muslim terrorists. Most Americans held a notion that outsiders are jeopardizing their internal security. Immigrants of Muslim origin are prejudiced with terror and criminal activities. Americans safety culture was shaken by this terror activity as they observed that their country was vulnerable with serious security threats.




The American safety and security culture is deeply rooted among the citizens and is facilitated by the strong legal structure of the country. From the article discussed in class, it is evident that the system of legal justices seeks to address all the injustices involving the civilians. When Crystal Walters’s husband dies in unclear circumstances after a trench accident, it is observe that a depth investigation is conducted to establish the real cause of death. The investigation seeks to know whether there was violation of any set law or legal standards that led to his death. This is indeed established where the plumbing company is found to have violated two security standards. In many countries in the world, accidents are never investigated to find the root cause and are documented as reported. It is observed that the legal structure in American seek to establish justice for every individual and offers legal insight to every event where a citizen is at loss (Barstow, 2003).

The strong security culture of Americans is identifiable from this text where Crystal Walters is highly confident that her husband’s death will be revealed. She shows great trust in the legal system. She also portrays discomfort in the nature her husband died. Although it was an accident, Crystal Walters holds that her husband’s death was avoidable if the plumbing company followed proper security procedures. This indicates that Americans have a very strong security and safety culture (Barstow, 2003).

America Overreaction towards Safety

            Recent security breach and safety compromising situations in America has forced the country to adapt to tentative security measures that signifies overreaction to the scenario. The American governing body has instated strong safety measures and guidelines that aim at protecting innocent citizens. The safety standards and regulations are however difficult to keep up with and limits the freedom of the citizens they are deemed to protect. For example as discussed in my previous paper, I highlighted that in America persons under the age of 21 are restricted from selling beer. This is observed as an excessive safety measure standard by the authorities. In other countries in the world, a person of 18 years and above is allowed to sell and consume beer at will with no restrictions. This safety measure in America is observed by critics as oppressive and an overreaction to the current problem (Katelyn, 2013).

As observed earlier in this paper, cases of insecurity are on the rise in America hence the country has sought to implementation of tough security standards. In the recent past, an American citizen know as James Homes went on a shooting rampage killing twelve people on the spot and causing injury to fifty nine others. This was a shocking scene in the modern American setting. This was a challenge to the American policy makers since the culprit used a gun that legally acquired together with ammunitions. This situation elicited different sentiments from the liberals who called for increase gun use control regulations. Other policy makers argued that more civilians should be armed in order to protect themselves in such cases. Isolated cases such as this one has forced the government to take strong measures on civilian security (Katelyn, 2013).

Overreacting to terrorism

            Terrorism acts have shaken the American homeland security especially after the 9/11 terror attacks on the giant nation. The American administration feels that the nation is target by terrorists hence have retreated to strict security measures. Since 9/11 terror invasion, the US government has set up complex immigration procedures coupled with depth security protocols that are observed by critics as overreaction to security threat. In 2001 when the 9/11 attacks occurred, the security procedures in the Airports were not as strict as today. Current security screening procedures are very detailed and aim at identifying terror threats at the earliest stage. The terror attack led to the formation of American Transport Security Administration that is responsible to identify any possible threat at all points of entry to the nation. In the airports, rigorous security procedures were consequently implemented. These security checks are usually tiring and time consuming to the travelers. The security checks are observed as excessive and irrational. For example, the demand of travelers to remove their shoes at certain check points is observed at inhumane. Some other security checks in the airport are observed to contradict with human rights (Blalock, 2007). The diagram below shows a devastating scene of the 9/11 terror attack.

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