Evaluation of Global Aviation Demand Trends

Evaluation of Global Aviation Demand Trends

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The Aviation Market around the World has undergone many changes.

a) Discuss the factors that should be taken into account in determining Aviation Demand. Critically evaluate the importance of the different variables and how they could influence the demand for Air Transport.

b) Discuss and evaluate the different aviation industry policies and developments and how they may have influenced market demand trends in different parts of the World.

c) Discuss and evaluate the potential challenges facing the aviation industry in the future and consider the issues that may arise and how they could affect demand patterns.

You should look at and include the following:

What factors affect and are used in demand models for Aviation ?

How have the demand trends in the Aviation industry changed in the past.?

What factors and elements have changed ?

Which policy areas or decisions may have contributed to this ?

Have demand trends been the same or different in various parts of the World and if different why has this been the case ?

What is the outlook for the Aviation industry in the future ?

How could this affect demand patterns ?

Will this vary in different parts of the World ?

Is there a difference between market segments (In the past and into the future) ?

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