Ethical issues is an important and indispensable p

Ethical issues is an important and indispensable part which should be considered during every research project, it exist in research design and carry the research

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Business reporting is an organized, purposeful, objective analysis of the organisation`s operating conditions, business decisions and observations (Kuiper, Contemporary Business Report Writing). Based on that, this report mainly discusses an issue which is relevant with customer’s satisfaction of UWE accommodation from both marketing and operational perspective. UWE accommodation is an accommodation services of University of the West of England, the accommodation is located in and around the UWE Frenchay Campus in Bristol, and it has several options to choose from three types of the accommodation which is Carroll Court, Student Village and Wallscourt Park. A good business plan helps a company to be success (Chernev, 2015). According to Chernev (2015), Business plan includes marketing plan, financial plan, operations plan, human resources plan and technology plan (Chernev, 2015). In marketing aspect, market strategy consists three steps as pre-requirement which are market segmentation, target market selection and positioning ( ). At operational aspect, both operations strategy and operations management are doing the right things for their business (Davis, Aquilano and Chase, ). As slack et al. (2004) showed that there are five performance of organizations to competitive with other companies. Each company compete towards one or more of quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost (slack et al., 2004). Based on the customer’s satisfaction issues. The objective of this report identifies the relationship between these marketing and operational aspects of UWE accommodation, describe and analyze the current customers who involved within the service, customer’s expectations and how the UWE accommodation delivered their service at the moment. In the end, the report aiming to recommend several ways which could be improve customer satisfaction.




Research methodology is a way to sort out and solve the specific issue (Kothari, ). The purpose of this research is find an issue an of UWE accommodation and analysis it from both marketing and operational aspect, and finally, give recommendation to UWE accommodation to improve it better. Research methodology consist Quantitative and Qualitative (Saunders, 2015). These two research methodologies can be distinguished by numeric data and non- numeric data (ibid, 2015). As Newman et al. ( ) pointed Quantitative research is a mode which have been identified a main method of of social science research (Newman, Benz,  ). This research be carried to test customer’s satisfaction of UWE accommodation, it is a business report and can be classified as a kind of social science research, and some of data such as primary data be collected by questionnaire which question respondent how satisfied were they with the different rank of satisfies already be given. By these reasons, this research uses Quantitative research method to carried the research and collected data. In order to reflect the multi-faceted, both primary and secondary data be used to analysis marketing and operations of UWE accommodation.


Secondary data

According to SASSO et al. (2010), secondary data consists the information which is collected from existing records of past data collection and analysis or from an other resource (SASSO et al., 2010). It can be classified by internal and external which depending on the source information of an organization (ibid, 2010). In this case, some secondary data be used in the report were collected from UWE Accommodation page or the University of the West of England website. Such as the number of rooms and flats UWE accommodation, how many types and location can be chosen of the accommodation. How long of their lease time.

As the university website shows, UWE accommodation has three types of room in Frenchay Campus, that is Carroll court, Student village and Wallscourt park. Carroll Court includes 252 standard single bedrooms. Student village has 1,851 standard and 81 superior en-suite rooms, and there are 362 standard rooms, 20 large rooms, 6 super large rooms and 16 twin rooms in Wallscourt park (UWE accommodation, 2016). All the hall of residence only offers for 2588 students every year. But as UWE shows in university website, there are over 27,000 students in the university (2016), the accommodation offers less than 10 percent of student in the university, it’s totally not enough.


Primary data

According to Primary data or primary information (2014), primary data usually is the information form original research, it derived from a new collection and contrary to previously published material.


In this report, the primary data mainly been collected from students who using the accommodation services. Those students are current customer for the organisation. Prove an argument of the report is discussing the issues of customer’s satisfaction, the primary data is about how the respondent satisfied the organization, and the data been collected by using questionnaire.





According to Saunders (2015), sampling saves time and it also be a good choice for personal research, compare with the organisation of data collection, sampling is more manageable as fewer number of people are involved (Saunders, 2015). Sampling based on the laws of probability, it has several of different methods can be used. However, it mainly consists two categories that are Probability and Non- Probability Sampling (2014). [Online].

This report surveyed students who has experience with UWE accommodation. Student in the university mainly has two types – undergraduate and postgraduate.

Undergraduate or postgraduate student may have different needs with their accommodation. Therefore, when carried the questionnaire, the equal sample size of undergraduate students and postgraduate students should be considered. Based on equal sample size, the sampling method following random sampling.


Research ethics


Ethical issues is an important and indispensable part which should be considered during every research project, it exist in research design and carry the research ( , ).


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