Emerging Trend

Emerging Trend

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Emerging Trend


Write a summary of the case,

Answer the critical thinking questions, and

Elaborate on two key learnings from the case related to equal employment opportunity and managing diversity. Be sure to clearly state the two key learnings and defend them in well-organized, scholarly responses.

A key learning is defined as significant knowledge gained from reading the case. You may choose to explain your key learnings by offering a real world application, personal insight, your thoughts and opinions about what was stated, how it is handled at your company, etc.

Please arrange your summary, questions, and key learnings in a well-organized, scholarly response of 2 pages. Support your observations and opinions with citations from 2-3 credible sources


Emerging Trend Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Emerging Trend Summary One of the biggest drugstores in the United States, Walgreens, has been able to develop a reputation as a drugstore firm that provides meaningful employment to persons with diverse backgrounds with equal opportunities for job mobility and advancement. In the year 2008, it opened a modern distribution center in Windsor, Connecticut that is specially designed to employ disabled persons. This is the second such facility for Walgreens; its other facility is a distribution facility in the state of South Carolina, which has employed 400 people and 40% of them being with some form of disabilities. Managers at Walgreens’ distribution centers in both Connecticut and South Car

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