Economics Dissertation

Economics Dissertation

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The guidelines are:

  1. The dissertation should contain a detailed exposition of the work that you have undertaken. As well as describing your specific mathematical investigations (including definitions, methodology, theorems, proofs, examples, and any new results or computational investigations), you should also include a more general review of the literature that puts your work into context, along with sections such as `Introduction` and `Conclusions`. Included in your `Introduction` section should be a clear summary of what you have achieved in the project work presented, such as any new results, generalizations, corollaries, examples, new connections, or computer investigations.

    There are not strict rules concerning the length of a dissertation, as this will depend on your topic and approach. The following comments are intended to give you some guidance:

    1. Your dissertation should contain a title page, giving the following information only: Title of project, student name, student number, module code.

    2. A separate page should contain an abstract of between 100 and 300 words, summarizing the key points of your dissertation.

      Another separate page should contain a signed declaration that the work is entirely your own, and that all sources have been fully acknowledged. You should be aware that plagiarism is a serious offense, and, if detected, could result in a mark of zero for the entire project (and possible expulsion from the MSc degree program as well, which would prevent you from resubmitting at a later date).

      You may include a table of contents if you wish. Alternatively, your `Introduction` section could explain the structure of the document.

      The body of your dissertation should contain approximately 25 to 40 pages of text and formulas. This excludes the title page, abstract page, and declaration page, along with any tables, charts, and diagrams in the body of your dissertation. Table of contents, appendices, and bibliography are also excluded from this page count.

      You should include a detailed bibliography (list of references), giving full details of all the books, papers, and other resources cited elsewhere in your dissertation. Various referencing styles are in popular use. I suggest you choose a style used in a respectable mathematics journal, such as the Journal of the London Mathematical Society. Remember that (i) you must be entirely consistent, and (ii) each reference must be complete, allowing the resource to be easily and unambiguously identified. Also remember that a reference should be cited in the text of your project at every place it is made use of.

      Appendices, if present, should contain material that supports the main body of the text, but which does not have to be read in detail. Any appendices will, however, be marked.

      Please number all the pages of your dissertation.

      You should use 1.5 or double line spacing, and a font size of 12 point. Do not use a fancy font style. Your final submission should be single-sided. Use wide margins (minimum 2cm for top, right and bottom, 4cm for the left-hand side to allow room for the binding).

      There is substantial credit given for a professional presentation. You are strongly advised to use LaTeX and not Microsoft Word, especially if your dissertation contains a lot of mathematical equations.

      In your dissertation, you should make it completely clear which results are your own, and which are someone else`s. Any results mentioned in your dissertation that are not your own should be properly referenced (otherwise, you would be guilty of plagiarism).

      You should also acknowledge (in your dissertation) any books, journal papers, lecture notes, research notes, other people`s MSc/PhD theses, websites, third-party computer programs, etc. that you access/use during the course of your project, even if you do not directly incorporate material from these into your dissertation.

Supervisor recommended this research paper, saying that I could write about the same indicators:

Graciela Kaminsky, Saul Lizondo and Carmen M. Reinhart, 1998, "Leading Indicators of Currency Crises", Staff Papers (International Monetary Fund)

In the descriptive part:
Literature review, methodology
Current and past political and economic processes
Geopolitical fears that influence oil prices

In the second part:
Time series analysis ARMA model
Possibly detailed research of main indicators, and comparison with ARMA model results

Possible structure:

- Abstract: Very, very short summary [One page, or less]

  • Chapter 1: Introduction: [should be quite short] Overviewing the background to the work done in the dissertation (and how the topic arises / why it is important), and summarizing the logic of the next chapters to come.
  • Chapter 2: Literature review
  • Chapter 3: Analysis [but you can call it another name, if you like - e.g. a name more relevant to the subject you`re looking at.]
  • Chapter 4: Results: [again, you can call it another name] presenting the results of your analysis
  • Chapter 5: Conclusions [this should be short, but contain very strong and clear conclusions - backed by the results of your analysis.]

- Appendices [if there are any]

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