Due to his superhuman strength Captain America wou

Due to his superhuman strength Captain America would beat Batman

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Due to his superhuman strength Captain America would beat Batman


you will be writing a fantastical lab report. That is, you will be writing about your own observation of some phenomenon that (so far as we know) doesn’t exist in a world (so far as we know)doesn’t exist. Even though the subject matter is fantastical, your approach and your language need to be entirely scientific. You need to first of all observe some fantastical phenomenon. Then, you need to formulate a hypothesis that tries to explain this phenomenon; next, design an experiment that tests your hypothesis; collect your data, publish your results, and come to some conclusions. Your lab report needs a Title, an Abstract, an Introduction, a Methods section (in which you will need at least one visual representation of your data), a Results section, a Discussion, a Conclusion, an Acknowledgements section, and a References section.


Due To His Superman Strength Captain America Would Beat Batman Student’s name Instructor’s name Date ABSTRACT The basis of this experiment is to examine the super powers of Captain America and the super abilities of Batman and how they would fair on a one on one battle. Captain America was brought up by Marvel Entertainment and like Batman is a combat king. Batman is an iconic superhero by DC Comics. The two characters are endowed with different abilities that make it hard for one to choose a clear favorite. Batman was the heir of a vast amount of wealth from the Wayne family. Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered when Batman was a boy. Bruce Wayne saw that filth, crime, and the felony that filled his city. He saw that no one addressed the troubles of his city, and he took it upon himself to touring around the world learning different fighting styles before returning to the city as the legendary vigilante. Captain America, on the other hand, was a weak soldier but had a strong sense of truth, honor, and justice. Dr. Erskine decided that Steven Rogers be selected for a top secret experiment that made him a super soldier. This experiment turne

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