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Task 1

Parrot Palace

Parrot Palace works with TV and movie producers who need birds that can perform special tricks, such as playing dead, reciting poetry, ladder climbs, and various other tricks. Parrot Palace has about 50 birds and a list of 20 tricks from which to choose. Each bird can perform one or more tricks, and many tricks can be performed by more than one bird. When a bird learns a new trick, the trainer assigns a skill level. Some customers insist on using birds that score a 10, which is the highest skill level. As an IT consultant, you have been asked to suggest 3NF table designs. You are fairly certain that an M:N relationship exists between birds and tricks.

Q1. Draw an ERD for the Parrot Palace information system.


Q2. Indicate cardinality.


Q3.Identify all fields you plan to include in the birdsand tricks tables. For example, in the bird table, you might want species, size, age, name, and so on. In the tricks table, you might want the trick name and description. You will need to assign a primary key in each table. Hint: Before you begin, review some database design samples in chapter 9. You might spot a similar situation that requires an associative entity that you can use as a pattern. In addition, remember that numeric values work well in primary key fields.


Q4. Create 3NF table designs.


     Task 2

Capstone Case: New Century Wellness group

New Century Wellness Group offers a holistic approach to healthcare with an emphasis on preventive medicine as well as traditional medical care. In your role as an IT consultant, you will help New Century develop a new information system.


After completing the user interface, input, and output design for the new information system, you will now focus on the data design of the DBMS that will support the system.

Q1. Create an initial ERD for the new system that contains at least eight entities.

Q2. Analyze each relationship to determine if it is 1:1, 1:M, or M:N.


Q3. Normalize your designs for all tables to ensure they are 3NF, and verify that all primary, secondary, and foreign keys are identified properly. Update your ERD to reflect any changes.


Workshop 9

Part B: Portfolio exercises to be included in Portfolio submissions

Task 1

Capstone Case: New Century Wellness group

New Century Wellness Group offers a holistic approach to healthcare with an emphasis on preventive medicine as well as traditional medical care. In your role as an IT consultant, you will help New Century develop a new information system.



The New Century partners accepted your interface, output, input, and data designs and yourrecommendation to install a server and desktop computer clients on a local area network. At thispoint, you review your notes and plan the architecture for the New Century system.

      New Century Wellness Group has four primary care physicians, one nurse practitioner (NP),four physical therapists, one registered nutritionist, eight nurses, and eight support staff. Eachof the physicians, NP, therapists, nutritionist and support staff has their own workstations. Thenurses work from one of three nurse stations that should have at least three computers at eachstation. Each nurse station will have a high-volume network laser printer and a scanner attachedto one workstation. The checkin/checkout area will have an impact printer for multipart formsand a network laser printer. The network will include an online backup service, Internet access viaa cable connection with a local cable company.

      The partners want you to ensure the physical network is scalable, and able to handle theelectronic medical record phase after the business support system is implemented. The electronicmedical record phase will require a computer or thin client to be installed in each exam room andprocedure room. They will also use portable computers and tablets to access patient informationas the providers move from room to room around the clinic.

      The hardware requirements are only part of the final installation plan which you must develop.You should start by reviewing the diagrams that you prepared inthe systems analysis phase, and the ERDs and table designs that you created in the systems designphase. Then, review the system architecture checklist at the beginning of this lecture 10. With this information,you should be able to prepare a system design specification.


  1. What would be the benefits of using a wireless network? Are there any drawbacks?

                 Task 2

Passing Lane

Passing Lane is a small trucking company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Passing Lane’s information system consists of a file server and three workstations where freight clerks enter data, track shipments, and prepare freight bills. To perform their work, the clerks obtain data from the server and use database and spreadsheet programs stored on stand-alone PCs to process the data. At your meeting yesterday, Passing Lane’s president approved your recommendation to create a relational database to handle operations and provide links for the company’s shippers and customers.

  1. What would be the advantages of selecting a Web-based architecture for Passing Lane’s system?



Workshop 10

Part B: Portfolio exercisesto be included in Portfolio submissions

Task 1

Capstone Case: New Century Wellness group

You completed the systems design for the business support system at New Century Wellness Group. The network will include a server, 27 workstations, and five network printers. The partners at the clinic have approved the design specification, and you hired two programmers, Bill Miller and Celia Goldring, to assist you with the programming and testing of the new system. You now are ready to finish the software development and begin installation, testing, and evaluation of the new system. Before you begin, you should review the user stories,  process flow  diagrams, ERDs, and table designs that you prepared during systems analysis and systems design.


  1. What application development methods will you use? Explain your answer. What development tools will help your team finish the business support system and how will you use them?
  2. Identify the specific groups who will need training on the new system. For each group, describe the type of training you recommend and list the topics to be covered.


                 Task 2

Rachel’s Day Off Swimwear

Rachel’s Day Off Swimwear is a successful chain of high end swim suit boutiques. Recently, several smaller shops and boutiques were acquired to expand its operations. The new company is much larger than the original company and it has outgrown its accounting software.The original accounting system was a package from Peachtree Software, which initially ran on a stand-alone PC and later on a network. Now, the firm is preparing to install a powerful, scalable accounting package that can support the company’s current and future operations. You have been asked to implement the new system.


Q1. Who should receive training on the new software, and what topics should the training cover?


Q2. What changeover strategy would you suggest for the new accounting system? Explain your answer.


Q3. When should a post-implementation evaluation be conducted? Explain your answer.


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