Domestic Violence within the African-American Comm

Domestic Violence within the African-American Community

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Domestic Violence within the African-American Community


These are the specific instructions given to us on our syllabus:

Journal Article Critique – Each student will submit a 2-3 journal article critique on a crisis intervention topic of choice. The article must come from a research journal and must be submitted with critique. Include specific counseling interventions used on a specific crisis. The 2-3 pages DOES NOT Include title and reference page. APA format is required. 

**Articles must be included with the paper***. 

APA format is required.. No abstract page required.


Domestic violence within the African American Student: Professor: Course title: Date Cultural Considerations Impacting Domestic Violence Among African American Women: Implications for Social Work Maxine Agazie, Ph.D., ACSW Professor of Sociology North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC Introduction Domestic Violence is a widespread, mammoth problem wreaking havoc throughout the United States. According to Rice (2007), it is a major public health issue and is the most frequent cause of injury to women. This devastating crime affects all races an socioeconomic levels. It even reaches into the gay and lesbian communities (Vickers 1996). Men are also victims of domestic vilence, however, women are eight times more likely to be physically assaulted by an intimate partner. Each year approximately four million women are physically abused (Paul 2004). According to InfoPlease (2007), Physical abuse encompasses behaviors ranging from hitting to the actual use of a weapon. Domestic violence is the use or threat of use of physical, emotional, verbal or sexual abuse, with the intent of instilling fear, intimidating and controlling behavior (Rice 2007). Domestic violence is about abuse, control and violence. Both parties involved are losers. The abuser displays the behavior of a bully and a coward. Bullies attack those they feel can be controlled, intimidated and defended by them. The abuser may chronologically be an adult but psycholo...

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