Documentary Review: Human Beings Look For The Answ

Documentary Review: Human Beings Look For The Answers

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Documentary Review: Human Beings Look For The Answers




Documentary Review






The world and the universe are all a mystery, just like life and its origin. Mankind has always been in engaged in an endless search for answers as none seemed to be really conclusive. Actually, as human beings look for the answers, the questions become even more. Numerous documentaries have come about, trying to explain the origin of things and why things happen the way they do, or why the universe is the way it is. Such documentaries usually have a broad range of interpretations, which span the entire intellectual realm, to encompass all the scientific and philosophical disciplines therein. The incorporation of these disciplines plays a role in the satisfactory explanations of the various phenomena that happen around the universe.

The documentary Journey Through The Universe is an hour-and-a-half documentary that provides a simplified explanation of the various occurrences in the universe, through the eyes of a person journeying through it. It addresses the life cycles of stars and looks at the various types of galaxies, from the Milky Way to the Andromeda. It also looks at the surfaces of planets, the moon and other bodies that constitute the universe, trying to also explain the reasons as to why they are that way.


While watching the documentary, one is left wondering, just what is ...

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