Discuss three intersection points between feminist

Discuss three intersection points between feminist theory and gender/conflict studies

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Gender and conflict studies

Read all material first. Be specific rather than general in your answer. Think and assess diverse aspects of the question. Respond from the readings rather than whether you agree or disagree, unless you are sure it adds to the paper. There is no ‘correct` answer, as there are many ways to answer the questions. The answer is not a summary of the topic. The papers need to be well structured, clear, precise and well written. Plan the paper to avoid rambling. Avoid words and phrases such as: in my opinion, in the readings the author said, it could be said that, that the topic is too large to discuss adequately... etc. Please check spelling and grammar. Each assignment must be typed, double-­‐spaced and in a readable font. Cover sheets are not required Online sources only!!!! Gender and Conflict Studies 1) Barbanti, Jr., Olympio . "Development, Gender and Conflict." Beyond Intractability. Eds Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess. Conflict Research Consortium, University of Colorado,Boulder. Posted:August 2004 http://www.beyondintractability.org/essay/development_gender_conflict/ 2)Universität Innsbruck UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies http://www.uibk.ac.at/peacestudies/chair/library.html Read: (scroll down to find it) Weber, Annette: Feminist Peace and Conflict Theory Published in Routledge Encyclopaedia on Peace and Conflict Theory, 2006. Berghof Research Centre for Constructive Conflict Management Question: Discuss three intersection points between feminist theory and gender/conflict studies
GENDER AND CONFLICT STUDIESName:Course:Professor Name:(February 01, 2012)Gender and Conflict StudiesThe feminist theory has been used as one way of ensuring that women have their rights well utilized and understood. The theory explains the social roles of women and the experiences in society so as to ascertain gender inequality. It is a critique that aims to promote the rights and interests of women in the society. The feminist theory dates back to the ages where women suffered in the fight to liberate everyone in society to be equal in all aspects (Weber, 2006). It focuses on history, art, stereotypes, oppression, aesthetics and discrimination. This paper tackles gender and conflict studies and responds to readings of the topic.Feminism is based on the social, economic and po...
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