Discuss the ways that health can be conceptualized

Discuss the ways that health can be conceptualized by a society. What are the determinants of health in humans?

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Health Policy

Discuss the ways that health can be conceptualized by a society. What are the determinants of health in humans? What is the connection between how a society defines health and how it pursues health? Has increased access to technology changed that perception over the last decade? Discuss the connection between health policies, health determinants, and health.
HEALTH POLICYNameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of submission Health policy refers to the decisions, plans and actions which are undertaken to achieve specific health care objectives within a society. The health policy is attained through the definition of future vision that outlines the priorities and expected roles of different stakeholders to build a consensus which inform people in the society. Many countries have been prompted to engage in reforms of the health sector because of the growing concern in health status and the issue of accessing and failing returns to investment in health care, and the problem of controlling ever increasing costs. Health has been given a priority by international organization in developing nations as an essential part of eradicating poverty. Improving of health to the population empowers the individuals in the workforce thereby reducing costs of health care in the society.Health care has become major barrier to economic development that creates genuine opportunities and reduces poverty. The development of small businesses is an effective corridor to many societies for low and moderate income individuals to pull themselves out of poverty (Hanney, Gonzalez-Block, Buxton, & Kogan, 2003). But if it becomes impossible for such entrepreneurs to gain affordable access to health care for themselves and their employees, that path out of poverty is blocked. The hope of building genuine economic opportunity for struggling individuals through entrepreneurship has go along with reforming of health care system in a manner that benefits all stockholders in the society.The principle aspect to economic growth is a healthy population because it limits the strain on health and social care systems in the society. Additionally it allows people to participate actively in all activities that empower a society economically (Eaton, 2000). Health has become a sizable predictor of subsequent economic growth since it looks into the differences between the poor and the rich thereby improving health and increased healthy life period in the population. Policy makers in health attribute that health is a necessity for a sustainable future because poor health is a factor of early retirement and absenteeism in the work force. Expenditure on health services is reduced significantly since individuals in the society are aware of the risk factors for diseases. Poor health is due to accumulation of the risk factors for biggest killers (Hanney, Gonzalez-Block, Buxto...
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