Discuss the historical, contemporary, and future r

Discuss the historical, contemporary, and future role and influence of information systems within society.

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Information Technology

Discuss the historical, contemporary, and future role and influence of information systems within society. Your discussion should not exceed 800 words and should include quality objective evidence (i.e., journal papers and books) in support of your arguments.
Running head: IT MANAGEMENTInformation TechnologyName:University:Course:Tutor:Date:Information Technology Information systems refers to the systems that makes use of hardware, people, software and various telecommunications to carry out input, process, output, control activities and storage in the process of converting data, coming from both internal and external sources, into information. This is aimed at making the raw data into a form that managers at all levels are in a position to comprehend and as thus make decisions that are timely (Turban et al, 2004). The principal function of the information systems in the past (1950s and 1960s), was the processing of data. During this period, the information systems were being utilized in the electronic processing of data that related to the processing of transactions, traditional accounting applications and record-keeping. Notably, information systems were being utilized in various historical researches. Precisely, information system was being used to make clear the transmission of ideas via print and also the extent to which the printouts made effects on the thoughts and behaviour of mankind during the last five epochs. Factually, information system was used in studying and analysing both the movement and impact of ideas, concepts, knowledge and the thoughts that are a representation of the different intentionality levels revealed as three-dimensional and historical propagation (Turban et al, 2004). As thus, information acted as a transmission channel through which thoughts, ideas, knowledge and concepts gallop. The above mentioned concepts, Knowledge, ideas and thoughts travelled through time and space. In so doing, they changed the social structures of the society. However, it became hard to both discover and identify the travel tracks as regards any intellectual movement or idea proved to be a very demanding process. As thus, information systems broadened from the collection and processing of data to coming up with management reports that were very beneficial in making reliable decisions. This formed the role of management reporting. In between the 1970s and 1980s, decision support systems were developed. These supported interactive off-the-cuff support in the process of decision making by the managers (Turban et al, 2004).Following the decision making support was both the strategic support and the end user support. This took place in the in the 1980s and 1990s. the latter was being used for supportin...
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