Describe how e-marketing has created new business

Describe how e-marketing has created new business models that add customer value, build customer relationships and increase profit

The primary theme of the paper is Describe how e-marketing has created new business models that add customer value, build customer relationships and increase profit in which you are required to emphasize its aspects in detail. The cost of the paper starts from $79 and it has been purchased and rated 4.9 points on the scale of 5 points by the students. To gain deeper insights into the paper and achieve fresh information, kindly contact our support.




Assessment Brief








Bachelor of Business








Digital Marketing







Subject code








Name of assessment


Individual Case Study









2500 Words (+/- 10%)










Describe how e-marketing has created new business





models that add customer value, build customer





relationships and increase profit





Demonstrate an understanding of consumer behaviour


Learning outcomes



in online environments




Discuss e-marketing strategy and demonstrate skills in





e-marketing planning





Discuss the digital marketing mix and management





Demonstrate the value and use of data in developing





marketing strategy





Discuss the implications of the legal and ethical issues





in e-marketing


Submission Date:


11:55pm Sunday of Week 11






Assessment brief Summary:


See below







Total marks


















Assessment Brief:



In this assessment students will develop a ‘real life’ digital marketing plan for an organisation. Imagine you are a digital marketing consultant for this organisation. Each student will choose an organisation and develop a plan for it, engaging concepts and strategies explored in the subject. The idea here is to critically analyse the current digital marketing approach of the organisation in relation to the marketing environment it operates in, and identify strategies you think would improve its performance, supporting this with digital marketing concepts from the course and current literature in the field (eg.,could be anything from journal articles, blogs, online guides, Youtube video’s, research reports etc.,)

The Digital Marketing Plan must include the following information:

• Introduction – include the reports purpose and a brief company overview

• Situational Analysis – should summarise key digital marketing trends and issues facing the organisation with a referenced SWOT analysis

• Digital Marketing Objectives (what the strategy will deliver)


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Identification of Target market (s) and relevant Branding and Positioning strategies (NB you may even suggest a new target market the company is currently not serving as a recommendation and outline associated branding and positioning considerations)

Summary of recommendations for Product, Price, and Distribution strategies

Digital marketing communications plan including owned, paid and earned media strategies (Eg., website design recommendations, search engine optimisation suggestions, e-mail marketing, social media strategies, online advertising and search marketing and online publicity (earned media strategies) etc.,

Relevant Evaluation and Monitoring approaches



NB: Students are encouraged to develop their own original and creative digital marketing strategies based on what they have learned in the subject. It is advised to focus more on small to medium size businesses that have growth opportunities in this area as opposed to choosing large multi-national companies with already well developed digital marketing platforms.

You can use tables to support your analysis.

You can also use an appendix for any additional supporting information (this does not add to your word count).

You should use screen shots in the report to support key points.

You must validate your insights throughout your report referencing coursework concepts or additional research.

Assertions or claims that you make must be supported by examples and references.

Your report must be of an appropriate standard in terms of grammar, expression, spelling, punctuation, and organisation.

Make sure to appropriately reference other sources. If you need help with this refer to your academic skills section on the portal.

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