Demonstrate a knowledge and appropriate applicatio

Demonstrate a knowledge and appropriate application of a variety of research and problem-solving tools

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Module code & title


Work Based Project


Module Learning outcomes:

     Tick (Ö)

if tested here


Demonstrate a knowledge and appropriate application of a variety of research and problem-solving tools.



Identify a work-based topic and construct an appropriate project specification prior to the execution of a work-based project.




To complete a work-based project which demonstrates good research and problem-solving practice and identifies recommendations for an organisation arising from the investigation.







Assessment types

Weightings (%)



Individual Report 1500 words









Assessment type, weighting and LOs tested by this assessment indicated in the shaded area above by a Ö

Important requirements (Delete where appropriate, if other please provide detail)

Mode of Working:                                 individual         

Presentation Format:                             report

Method of Submission:                                     Paper Submission to MX student Office/Other

Mark required to pass this coursework: 40%

(Complete following detail)


Hand in date & time

22 November 2016

Date & method by which you will receive feedback

You will receive feedback week commencing 4th January 2016. This will be available from your named tutor


Resit/retrieval date

10th July 2017

Assessment limits (in accordance with UWBS assessment tariff)


No more than: 1500 words, excluding references and appendices




Do clearly state your student number when submitting work but do not indicate your name.       Always keep a copy of your work.                                                                                                 Always keep a file of working papers (containing, for instance, working notes, copied journal article and early drafts of your work, etc.) that show the development of your work and the sources you have used. You may need to show this to tutor at some point so notes should be clear and written in English. This is an important requirement. There may be circumstances where it is difficult to arrive at a mark for your work. If this is so you may be asked to submit your file within 3 working days and possibly meet with your tutor to answer questions on your submission.                                        

Assessment Brief/ Task

The detailed requirements for this task are as follows:

 You are required to develop a specification for a project in the form of a project proposal that relates to an organisation to which you can gain access. Working in conjunction with a manager or another senior member of staff from the organisation, you need to identify a business issue or problem to investigate in your project. The Project Specification must address each of the following areas:

  • Business issue: This must explain why the project is useful to the organisation and what the intended benefits to the organisation are. You should also identify any limitations in completing the project.
  • Data and evidence collection: This part will provide details of where and by what means data and evidence will be collected, it will also discuss the analysis that will be undertaken.
  • Time scale and output: This section will identify the type of outcomes the project will produce and the timetable needed to complete the work by the deadline.
  • Resource requirements: This part must provide a realistic assessment of the resources needed to complete the project.


Areas of investigation may, for example, include:

  • The development and analysis of the main performance indicators and outcomes
  • Training needs analysis
  • A critical review of the effectiveness of IT systems or records management
  • The development of a social media strategy
  • Sales Management process


To produce an effective project specification, you will need to discuss the project with your module tutor and with a manager at the organisation. You will be required to provide evidence that the organisation has agreed to and approved the project contained within the specification.

The following information is important when:

  • Preparing for your assessment
  • Checking your work before you submit it
  • Interpreting feedback on your work after marking. 

Assessment Criteria

The module Learning Outcomes tested by this assessment task are indicated on page 1. The precise criteria against which your work will be marked is as follows:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of different problem-solving techniques and tools
  • Identification of appropriate business issue to be investigated
  • Appropriateness and practicality of proposed data collection and analysis
  • Realistic time scale for delivering the work-based project outcomes
  • Identification of resource requirements
  • Structure and presentation of work-based project specification

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