Define to them the field of epidemiology

Define to them the field of epidemiology

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Introduction to Epidemiology (BHS 210 Case)


Case Assignment: As a health officer, you have been asked to discuss the subject of epidemiology to high school students getting ready to enroll in Winterton College. Your task is as follows: 1. Define to them the field of epidemiology. 2. Briefly list a historical evolution of epidemiology. 3. Explain the terms outbreak and epidemic. 4. Be sure to provide in-text citation(s) and a reference list to support your viewpoints. Please use at least three (3) research sources (not Wikipedia, or fact sheets). Please do so in ALL subsequent submissions. Length: 2–3 pages, excluding title page and references. Required Readings WHO (2014). Infectious Diseases. Retrieved on 4/11/14 from WHO (2014). Vector-borne diseases. Retrieved on 4/11/14 from Healthline (2014). Disease Transmission. Retrieved on 4/11/14 from About John Snow (2014). Retrieved on 4/11/14 from John Snow and the Broad Street Pump (2014). Cricket 31(3), pp. 23-31, Nov. 2003. Retrieved on 4/11/14 from BBC History (2014). John Snow (1813 – 1858). Retrieved on 4/11/14 from

EpidemiologyName:Institution:Medical science is one of the many branches of science in the world that we live in. Over the years, the human population and that of the animals has battled diseases with a great deal of success. Some of the diseases have however been quite complicated and research is still underway to determine ways of protecting the populations (, 2014).Epidemiology is one of the branches of medical science and it involves the investigation of all the factors that can help establish if there are any forms of disease or the absence of the same alongside disorders related to disease (, 2014). Using the epidemiology research efforts and innovations, it is possible to establish if there are any persons that have been affected by the diseases or the related disorders. It also helps to establish if the disorders have been changing, the effects of the disorders on the populations as well as the economy at large. In most of the cases, the research involves persons that volunteer the data, regarding their condition. Where persons report that they have been affected in a certain way by the diseases or the disorders associated, their progress can then be monitored overtime.Like majority of the sciences, the branch of epidemiology has developed throughout the ages, with some of the key players that sort to establish the cause and development of disease. Most of the individuals that were involved in the development and evolutions of epidemiology wanted to understand that aspects of injury and death as well from the scientif...
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